Tuesday, January 27


and I'm not afraid to use it....

So tonight's game was just, wow....10 goals, the most scored all season and Drew with the hat trick, Timmy with 2 goals, Vanek with number 29 I believe (I'm too tired to check for accuracy), Paetsch with his first on the season, Jaro pulling of his second of the season (Jaro get puck, score goal, win game), Hecht with number 6, and Derek who has been on fire lately.

I have to say that the commentators for Sportsnet were actually good they even went so far as to complement Buffalo a number of times, mainly on their chicken wings. The first image we got of one of their commentators was him chowing down on a chicken wing but I have to question his sanity...what no blue cheese? I'm sorry but if you're going to eat wings you've got to smother them in a healthy dose of blue cheese.

So let's start with the beginning of the game DREWWWWWWW!!!! my mom turned her back to the TV and because Jennerette wasn't doing the commentary I had to tell her that he scored she didn't believe me until they showed the replay 9 seconds SWEET. Then she was on the phone in the kitchen and her only indication of them scoring at 1:11 into the game was the fact that I was sitting on the couch squealing like a pig at a hog tying contest. I couldn't believe my eyes and I was pretty sure at this point I was hallucinating but hey give me all the 'shrooms you want if the Sabres keep playing like that I'd be more than willing to spend the rest of the season in a drug induced haze.

I couldn't believe that they just kept scoring, every time I looked down at my computer to try writing my paper it seemed like they scored again which gave me a good excuse to stop looking down at my computer. This lead to me writing 3 words which I later erased because they were OH MY GOD and this is not a religion or theology paper so they weren't entirely relevant.

I'm pretty sure everyone by now has seen the shot of Craig Rivet getting hit in the nads with a skate which I'm pretty sure is about equal to having them sliced off with a plastic spoon. Let's just say that he's probably going to be singing backup for Bjork for awhile, stick him in a Renaissance flick he could be one of the adolescent choir boys or a eunuch which is scarily appropriate considering the circumstance. I hope Mrs. Rivet doesn't want anymore children because Craigory's little swimmers are probably not going to be taking any long vacations any time soon.

Throughout the game Cari and I were texting and repeatedly asking each other if we were dreaming. I told Cari that if she was still dreaming she should keep having Sleeping Beauty Syndrome for the rest of the season and that maybe Derek could be her Prince Charming. If this was all a beautiful dream, which I'm pretty sure it's not considering I have the nail marks in my arm to prove it, I don't want to wake up. Speaking of waking up, I'm going to go to bed and hopefully update tomorrow, before I go to school, when my neurons will be firing properly in my brain.

Oh and I don't know if anyone caught it but with about 3 minutes left in the 3rd the fans still left in the area, coincidentally most were disguised as chairs, started chanting 'WE WANT 10'. So either they're really masochistic, have a really bad sense of humor or there were a lot of Buffalo fans in the arena. I like to think it was the latter and that Buffalo fans are pretty much taking over every arena in the league. Okay I'm done now, another game tomorrow, we'll see how well that one goes, it should be interesting.


Frostee said...

I died laughing when they started the "WE WANT TEN!" cheer.

Katie said...

When Edmonton scored the second one I was talking to a friend, and i was like "it's okay, we'll get ten" and then not even two seconds later, 10.

I heard then chanting but i didnt know what they were chanting. hmmm.

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