Sunday, November 30

Jason's Birthday Weekend Couldn't Get Worse.

Okay, well, maybe if the Sabres had lost on Friday, it could've, but they didn't, thankfully.

I'm not even going to talk about the depressing game the Sabes played on Saturday, and I don't even want to think about the stupid Bills game that Kim and I sat out in the rain for. EPIC FAILS ALL AROUND.

And how is it that my favorites from both teams end up with phantom groin injuries??? Just when they're playing poorly??

I'm too frustrated in my teams, and the fact that I messed up the cookies I was baking yesterday (I put in 5 cups of flour instead of 2.5. Go me.), just repels me from blogging this evening.

So Kim and I are going to go put some comfy, warm, and dry clothes on, eat some spaghetti, and play Guitar Hero World Tour some more. Not that playing from 11 pm last night until 4 in the morning wasn't enough, or anything.


We'll return tomorrow morning to our regularly-scheduled Sabres-fanatical blogging.

And believe me... It'll be worth it.

Friday, November 28

Life, Jaroslav's Eating Habits, and Unanswered Questions

Here's the part where I complain about my personal life for a moment:

Okay, so we all know that I don't have the most glamorous job around--I change the diapers of the elderly, bathe them, and put them in bed. Not that spectacular, and pretty smelly, which is why I don't often go out after work. At least, if I do, I shower first, which means I don't go out until 1 am, which, in Buffalo, is not late at all, but still...

ANYWAYS, because I had to work last night, and then told a coworker that I'd cover her overnight shift, I couldn't go shopping this morning. I mean, not that I can really afford to spend my money unnecessarily, or anything... But I love shopping, and Black Friday shopping is like, the most fun ever.

So I'm a little bummed that I didn't get to go shopping, and now I'm running on four hours of sleep, and about to get ready to head back to work. And my supervisor even had the gall to ask if I'd do another double tonight. NO THANK YOU. I have plans for tomorrow. They're not that exciting, but it's stuff that needs to get done. I have to go to the post office and find a box big enough to fit a Sabres jersey and a container of cookies to send to Andy, I have to make the cookies (which Kim has so kindly offered to assist), clean my room, make preparations for Sunday's Bills/49ers' game, and, oh yeah, WATCH THE SABRES.

And then there's always the Sociology tests that I have to take online by the 17th, and the lab practical I have for Anatomy on Wednesday.



All of these videos about the boys and their Thanksgivings are just adorable.

I love how Patty's mom lays down the law and gives him a time to be at the 'rents house by. I also love how Jason got that sheepish smile when talking about Thanksgiving (which I think is extra cute because he still celebrates it even though his American mother and himself have lived in Canada for how long?), and how Jaro talks about his abilities to cook foul, when we all know all he really does is bite the head off, Ozzy Osbourne style. And I especially like his name pronunciation correction during the Sabres show (it's right after the commercial).

I really think that I adore that man.

In other news, I'm really hoping Tommy is okay. Because the more effect Milan Lucic is having on this team, the less I like him, and the more inclined I am to hurting him. And I really don't feel like going to jail anytime soon, so Tommy had best be alright. If he wants to sit out tonight, fine, okay. But not tomorrow. We need him tomorrow more than tonight, because, when it comes down to getting into the playoffs down the stretch, we'll need divisional points more than conference points. Therefore, Montreal on Saturday is more important.

Plus, once Al comes back healthy, who sits? Danny's supposed to be playing, so I don't necessarily see him sitting anytime soon, and I don't see the Sabres sending Mancari down in the near future. Well, at least they wouldn't have any legit reason for doing so...

OH!! And to the person who found us by searching for this:

I give you your answer. Also someone found this by searching for "Adam Cari Miller." What, did I all of a sudden marry Ryan Miller, and now we have a son named Adam? And no, for another person's inquiring mind, I do not know the colors of the Sabres' respective bedrooms, I do not love Maria Genero, I don't want to ship Derek off to Maine, I'm not friends with Garnet Exelby on Facebook, I've never seen Daniel Briere shirtless (nor do I want to), and I'm not going to trash talk Marky Mark's beautiful girlfriend. If you want to do that, and I suggest and beg that you don't, go over to those trashy forums. Because I don't have vendettas against the girls that the guys I love decided to go out with. I'm not a jealous bitch, so you've got no business being here if you want that (Can you tell that I can't stand those forums, no matter how addicting they are??).

Well, kids, I have to go get ready for work. Thankfully, though, the nurse I work with is awesome and likes the Sabres, too, so I never miss a game while I'm there. I'll post after the game if there's something good to talk about.

Wednesday, November 26

Turkey?? Pfft.... I WANT GOOSE.

Cari: Danny, I missed you tonight.

Dan: Yeah, I wish I could've played, but you know how it goes...

Cari: So, why did I see you all sad and lonely up in the press box this evening?

Dan: Well, you know, I got sick somehow. I think Drew might've given me some candy off the floor or something... Adam's always telling me and Clarke not to take stuff from Drew because he's a weirdo. But Drew always has the best candy and stuff, so I didn't think it would be a problem...

Cari: Okay, you're sick... That makes sense, I guess. But why were you all by yourself? How come you weren't sitting with Timmy?

Dan: First of all, I'm not allowed to hang out with Timmy. Adam says he plays Doctor too much, and that I can't play with him if he does. Second of all, I was in Time Out.

Cari: Time Out?!? How come?

Dan: Because I threw up in Nathan's skates...

Cari: So that's why he wasn't playing tonight... But why all alone, though?

Dan: Adam said it was punishment for not throwing up in "that little puke Lucic's" skates. I kinda wish I had after he tried to kill all my friends tonight. I'm going to get him one day for that. And that's a promise. But Pat already told me that Lucic had better watch out if they're ever on the ice at the same time.

Cari: Yeah, I don't care for him much, either, especially after he went after Princess D.

Dan: Yeah. Oh hey! I like that jersey on you, by the way. I'll tell Derek that you look good in his name. Hey, and maybe that's why he played so well tonight!!

Cari: Danny, my friend, I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK. And also, tell him that I honestly believe in my heart that he should have had four goals tonight, the last coming on a penalty shot? Thanks much.

Dan: Sure thing.

Cari: And make sure everyone knows that Kim and I, next time we're in Boston, are going to track Milan Lucic down and beat his ass. Because I hate him.

Dan: I know. Hey, I have to go. It's past my bedtime.

Cari: Okay, Danny. I'll talk to you later. Good night, precious.


So, beyond that, I'm soooooo incredibly happy about tonight's game. But here are the things I'm thankful for:

- The guy behind us at the game tonight who said "I want to call up Gerbe just to see if he could skate through Chara's legs."

- The group of four 11-year-old boys who told a Bruins fan that they'd "never seen a girl look hotter in a Boston jersey."

- The fact that no Sabres died in the making of this victory.

- Derek Roy's inability to stop finding ways to make me love him, and make fun of him, all at the same time.

- Paul Gaustad and Ryan Miller's inability to stop raising my expectations of men.

- Thomas Vanek's ability to continuously light the lamp.

- Patrick Kaleta, Andrew Peters, and Adam Mair's willingness to beat the crap out of people and sacrifice their bodies for the sake of the game.

- Tim Connolly's strength of character, combined with his entertaining sex-capades.

- Drew Stafford's Facebook pictures.

- Henrik Tallinder's dancing.

- Jaroslav Spacek's interviews.

- Nathan Paetsch's smile.

- Mark Mancari's voice.

- Daniel Paille's inability to take a normal-looking picture.

- Patrick Lalime's adoration of his daughters.

- Craig Rivet's adoration of Buffalo.

- Jason Pominville's loyalty to The (dreaded) System.

- Maxim Afinogenov's best game in a long time.

- Jochen Hecht's shortie, as well as the look on his face when he heard me say "I love you."

- Ales Kotalik's admission that he designed a line of hats.

- Clarke MacArthur's curly hair.

- Toni Lydman's choice in women.

- Teppo Numminen's picture from 1985.

- Andrej Sekera's polo player sweater.

- Lindy Ruff's ability to inspire these guys, year after year, after year.

- All of the Sabres Bloggers, because they're all foxy and incredibly intelligent, and probably some of the funniest writers I've ever come across.

- The city of Buffalo for being amazing.

- My cat Delilah for being the cutest fat cat around.

- And, lastly, my beautifully sexy friends, especially my dear Kimberly, as well as my mostly awesome family. Without them, I'd be completely lost in life.

So, everyone, have a beautiful holiday with your respective loved ones, and Kim and I will resume posting on Friday. I'm sure I forgot stuff about the game tonight, and I'm equally as sure Kim will let me know about it. So those things will make it up here eventually. But, until then, be safe, eat turkey, and love those Sabres!!

Tuesday, November 25


So looking back I realize that I haven't post in about a week and a half and I realized that many of you, that is if you care, might be wondering where the hell I am, or maybe you didn't notice, well if you did I thank you for caring. Let's put it this way, I am the bug on the windshield of life, I'm feeling all good and happy and then all of a sudden it's not so good and happy.

But anyway I have the rest of the week off so yay to vacation and sleep, which is what again? oh that's right something I haven't had a lot of in the past 3 weeks, unlike my wonderful counter part who has class tomorrow (sorry Cari, you know I love you). But that means I've also had time to update my profile information here, which previously looked like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard, as well as catch up on some reading which involved books not composed of really long complicated words that I don't know the meaning of.

But in other good news Cari and I shall be attending tomorrow night's game against Boston and I feel I must remind you of what happened the last time we attended a Boston game together...oh that's right they LOST, something new and different for them (complete sarcasm there). We'll have played Boston three times in the last three weeks tomorrow night having lost two of those contest, so needless to say our track record against Boston has been less than stellar this season.
But, hopefully we can turn that all around tomorrow night with the return of Hank and Max to the line up, oh hockey gods let's hope.

The question remains, however, who sits out? The most obvious bench warmer for defense would be Nathan because he's been the odd man out all year, but well, I happen to think he played pretty damn well for someone who's had a pretty good view of the ice from the press box for most of the season. Offense is trickier, Boston is a pretty physical team which means we're going to need the enforcers patrolling the ice so that rules out Peters and Kaleta most likely. Paille is another player who could take a seat but seeing as it was his line that scored the first goal, YAY MARK, in Saturday night's game I'm thinking he's probably going to be playing. That leaves us with everyone's favorite rockstar, Drew Stafford, who, and it pains me to say this, has been really sucky lately, so he has my vote for bench warmer tomorrow night. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see what Lindy decides is best for the team.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, I'll be going to my brother's in Rochester, gorging myself on turkey, stuffing and potato puff, staying over and then going shopping with my sister-in-law early on Friday. Which means I probably won't be posting until after Friday night's game unless something drastic happens betwen now and then, let's hope not, unless it's of the good variety.

So until then, LET'S GO BUFFALO.


Okay, so there's no new Sabres news to go around, and I've got no stories that I can think of that are worth sharing--

(Except that Drew Stafford and I are now friends on Facebook. My friend Brittany is home for the week from Fredonia, and encouraged me to friend her new friend, so I did. I'm waiting on replies from Gerbe Derby, Funker, and Marky Mark.)

--so I've decided to comment on my (now, not-so-) secret loves from around the league. It also doesn't hurt that it occupies my sick-self for the morning. These aren't just spur-of-the-moment, I need something to post about things I pulled out of the air. I've actually liked these guys for a while, but never really felt like fessing up to it... Most of them can fall in to that category, at least... And the choosing of these boyfriends is purely shallow in method; no consideration of actual skill has entered my mind. Well, anyways, here goes:

Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks
I had a hard time choosing between Ryan Getzlaf and Brendan Morrison. What made me choose, though? Well, Ryan kinda reminds me of a teacher of mine from high school. I loved this teacher; he was awesome, and one of the only history teachers who actually made me like learning about it. But, he's not so asthetically pleasing, so I'm going to go with Brendan Morrison.

Atlanta Thrashers
(Off-topic comment, first: I cannot stand Garnet Exelby, but if you liked Anchorman, watch this.)
I really don't want to like a guy that I can't like anyone that shares a locker room with Chris Thorburn. I can't stand him. He's a jerk, and a dirty player. But, to hold to my little plan here, I'll go with Zach Bogosian. He's 18. That's disgusting.

Boston Bruins
I have to give credit where credit is due, so I have to say that Matt Hunwick, with his sun-bleached, curly locks, definitely gave me a run for my money, but my "loyalties" lie with Andrew Ferrence. He's so nice to look at, and it doesn't hurt that he and Goose both played for the Portland Winter Hawks.

Calgary Flames
Cory Sarich, hands down. I was sweating him since Day One of his Sabres career. I've told you once, and I'll tell you again, I fall hard for my Sabes. And that love never leaves me. Rhett Warrener can be thrown in there, too, I suppose.

Carolina Hurricanes
I don't know if I want to pick one, or at least fess up to it... But whatever. Umm, Eric Staal. Has there ever been an easier decision? Although, Cam Ward is a cutie... And when Mike Ryan is up from Albany, he's definitely a winner.

Chicago Blackhawks
I've got to go with MJ on this one. It's a no-brainer with Jonathan Toews. I was, for an instant, considering making it official with Brian Campbell, but I think I have to let my favorite hockey-playing redhead go...

Colorado Avalanche
Is it a rule of thumb that hot guys have hot friends? Because in Ryan Miller's case, it holds true. I like the fact that he brought my attention to John-Michael Liles. So, Ryan, thanks. A lot.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Helloooo Christian Backman. Mike Peca's still really handsome, but he was a love of my old friend Shauna back in, like, kindergarten. He's just been hanging around my life for too long. I need to move on.

Dallas Stars
So a while back, I would've said Mike Modano. Then it would've been Brad Richards. But now? Loui Eriksson.

Detroit Red Wings
Seriously, I don't know what's gotten into me lately... I've always been partial to guys with dark hair, dark eyes, yada, yada, yada... But what's with this influx of blondes? Nothing against blondes, but what gives? Here's the next one: Darren Helm.

Edmonton Oilers
(Can I just say that whoever the Oilers hired to design their website is the winner? They make it so much easier to compare the guys on the team... All the other teams should employ this genius as well.) I'm still going to have to go with one of my original Western Conference Loves... Ethan Moreau. Although, Kyle Brodziak and Ales Hemsky are runners-up.

Florida Panthers
So I'm obviously not going to say Stephen Weiss or Gregory Campbell. And I'd love to say Stefan Meyer, but he's technically on the Amerks' roster. So that leaves me with a decision to make. But it's a pretty easy one to make when I'm presented with one David Booth.

Los Angeles Kings
So, there weren't a whole lot of decent options out in LA, as far as I'm concerned, so I went with my default choice: Marc-Andre Cliche. I like that his last name is Cliche. idk....

Minnesota Wild
I typically tend to stray away from guys who are younger than me (but you wouldn't know it from some of my choices already...), just because I think it's weird, but I'll make an exception for Colton Gillies, even though I don't like his name.

Montreal Canadiens
Now, I hate the Canadiens as much as the next Buffalo girl, but man, oh man, do I love Canadians. But that actually has nothing to do with my guy from Montreal, because he's actually from Smithtown, NY. Seeing that he's from Long Island, he probably wasn't a Sabres fan growing up, though, but I'll let Christopher Higgins slide.

Nashville Predators
I can immediately cross off Scott Nichol, just because he's dirty, nasty, and gave Tim Connolly his initial concussion way back when. BUT, I can't hold that against his teammate, Shea Weber. He doesn't look too great in his headshot, either, but believe, me, he's very attractive.

(Wow, I didn't realize how long this endeavor would take me... Good thing TNT has a good line-up of daytime TV...)

New Jersey Devils
I fell in love with Dainius Zubrus the moment I saw his face. And, again, I don't let go easily.

New York Islanders
Ummm, Rick DiPietro. Duh...

New York Rangers
Do I even have to contemplate which Ranger is the best looking when the gorgeoud Marcus Naslund is on the roster??? Didn't think so...

Ottawa Senators
I actually think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... But if a decision must be made, a decision must be made. If one of my earlier posts wasn't evidence enough, let me remind you: Antoine Vermette.

Philadelphia Flyers
Martin Biron, no explanation necessary.

Phoenix Coyotes
Again with this blonde thing.. Well, I guess next time I go out to Arizona to visit Michelle, I'll have to go to a Coyotes game just to see Todd Fedoruk.

Pittsburgh Penguins
So, as tempted as I am to say Sidney Crosby, I have to say Jordin Staal. Their parents are spectacular...

San Jose Sharks
If I would've made this decision years ago, I would've said Joe Thornton for Boston. But, since he's playing for the Sharks now, and I'm kinda over him, I'm going with Torrey Mitchell.

St. Louis Blues
I love Jay McKee, as you're all well aware. Again, no explanation necessary.

Tampa Bay Lightning
So he's got a big nose? Vincent Lecavalier is gorgeous, generous, and classy. Those always win.

Toronto Maple Leafs
Do I have to? Oh, alright... I have to make another age-exception with this choice, seeing that he's one day short of a year younger than my cousin Todd, who is a month and a half older than me. Don't judge Luke Schenn by his headshot, though. He's really adorable.

Vancouver Canucks
If there were any team to be loaded with good-looking guys (other than the Sabres), I'm glad it's Vancouver. My favorite west coast and Canadian team... Well, we all know how I feel about Taylor "Bedroom Eyes" Pyatt and Steve "Big Bear" Bernier, but I most definitely have to go with the beautiful Ryan Kessler.

Washington Capitals
I absolutely love his hair.... He's the Christian Siriano of the NHL... Jose Theodore, no doubt.

Well, there it is. I'm done. And I'm going to take a nap because I feel like poop. I think my head is going to explode if I sneeze one more time, or my trachea is going to shatter if I cough again. Yikes... I need to get it together before the game tomorrow night...

Monday, November 24

Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan,

I just want to say a few things, because I need to get them off of my chest, and you, being the amazingly understanding and sensitive guy that you are, are the person I need to say them to.

Before I make my points, I just wanted to tell you that your taste in music is impeccable. We'd do well sharing a car on a long road trip. And, having seen the way you drive, you can take the wheel. I like a guy who drives a hot car really fast. And, don't take that the wrong way...

But anyways, let me get to the point.

Ryan, we've known each other a long time, right? So I think I can say this without you getting all defensive and crossing your arms over your buff chest...

Oh, yeah.. Just like that. You know what? You look really hot like that...

ANYWAYS. I think you need to steal a game for us. Obviously our offense is seriously lacking, if you take Mark out of the picture, because there's no reason what so ever that we cannot win a game after having 40 shots on goal. (Oh, and can you tell Mark that I'm so impressed with his play since his call-up? And that if he keeps it up, I second the quote from Kevin Dineen: "I don't know if we'll see him again [in Portland]." Thanks, Ry!)

So I've decided that the only way to get us out of this, what did you call it, a "little bit of a rut," would be for you to stand on your head, give the performance of your life, and win for the team. Because they obviously can't do it themselves.

I mean, don't get me wrong; you know very well that I love every single guy in that locker room, and I would defend them tooth and nail, but they're just off. Or awful... Or both.

Ryan, that's all I ask of you. In the issue of The Hockey News that came to my house yesterday, you were listed in the Plus Column, saying this: "After signing a long-term deal with the Sabres, netminder Ryan Miller is delivering the goods." Well, somewhere along the way, the goods turned into the mediocres, and we need the goods back. Okay?? So, maybe, on Wednesday, we can turn it around?

Because I have this theory that this year, the Buffalo teams are mirroring each other a little bit. I mean, the Bills start off 5-0, the Sabres start off equally as well, if not better. Then the Bills lose 4 in a row. You guys have now lost 5 in a row. Well, the Bills kicked ass yesterday, as I'm sure you know. So I think Wednesday would be the perfect time to get this entire city all riled up again, don't you?

Let's try that then, okay?

Send my love to the team, especially Derek, for obvious reasons...

Love, Cari

PS--Can you please tell me when tickets for the Third Catwalk go on sale? Because I most definitely have to get some...

Sunday, November 23


The Sabres need to learn how to do it, so they should take a lesson from me.

(1) As I'm sure you've noticed, I got bored with our layout/template/thing, so I freshened it up. And can I please tell you how obnoxious it is to mess around with Blogger's templates? They're all kinda ugly, or already being used, and since I like to be all cutesy with my stuff, and I don't like to copy people, I get really annoyed when you're only given a handful of options. Whatever, though.

(2) MARK MANCARI SCORED HIS FIRST NHL GOAL LAST NIGHT!!!!! I was soooo proud. We (the nurse I work with and myself) were watching the game at work, and she was laughing her ass off when he scored because I was awing, and saying "Aw, Mark, I love you! I'm so proud of you!" She said I looked like a doting mother watching her only daughter get married. BEST ANALOGY EVER.


(3) Derek scored again, finally. And he couldn't have done it at a better time, as far as I'm concerned, because, while I was driving to work yesterday, a guy from the Sabres Store called me, and left a message saying that my NEW THIRD JERSEY CAN BE PICKED UP ON WEDNESDAY. YAYYYYYY!! So now I take back saying that I wasn't too sure if I wanted his jersey anymore, because Princess D is starting to play better.

(4) When D scored yesterday, Kim texted me and said "he doesn't skinny dip, he chunky dunks." This is why I love her.

(5) Awesome reader Katie told me that she saw D eating spaghetti at Chef's yesterday, and that he eats like a pig. Now, I don't know about you, but I tend to view all the Sabres as perfect people, kinda like every girl's expectations of Mr. Right. So I never expect any one of them to shovel pasta into their mouth and let the mozzarella cheese that was melted all over it to stick to the plate as they chew a mouthful. So, Katie, as fantastic as that was, I'm going to forget you ever told me that, and go on living in my blissful, delusional world. No offense though. I still love you.

(6) I decided that I'm not going to comment on actual game-play until the Sabres start winning again.

(7) If the playoffs were to start today, we'd be out. That's depressing, considering the start we had.

(8) I totally called Timmy C's injury--BROKEN RIB. Called it. And I'm not one to say I told you so... Actually, who the hell am I kidding. I TOLD YOU SO!! =]

(9) I never commented on Paul's fish story. A-FREAKING-DORABLE. I hate worms too, but that's mostly because when I was little, my friend Kevin used to (AND I'M NOT KIDDING YOU. I SWEAR.) squirt chocolate syrup on them and eat them like spaghetti. At least Derek doesn't do that... But I don't like fish, either. My friend Kristle's dad used to fish all the time and he'd gut them in the backyard while we were laying out in the sun. Gross.

I leave you with my last comment of this Sunday, as I'm currently watching the Bills, leading the Chiefs. *crossing fingers* ...maybe??

(10) My dad made these up last night and sent them to me; they're absolutely hilarious, and you really should take the time to watch them all: Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, Dance 4

Saturday, November 22

That was AWESOME.

And I'm not talking about the Sabres game, because that was terrible.

And I felt terrible, because it was Jason's first Sabres game, and the only exciting thing that happened was Peters' fight, which wasn't even that good to begin with.

I mean, it was obvious that they were trying, because things worked pretty well, at times. But there is absolutely no excuse that we get shut out when we miss at least four wide-open nets. It's just not right.

There are only a few guys that I think played decently enough: Mark Mancari (who got the third star YAYYYYY), Nathan Paetsch, and Paul Gaustad. You can argue others, and I'd probably agree and apologize for omitting them in hindsight, but that's what I've got.

I seriously think that the only way to get through to these guys would be to place Timmy and Al on IR, and call up Gerbe and Kennedy, and let some guys who have something to fight for play. If the regular guys' jobs are in limbo, they'll show up. They will. Nobody likes being benched so a guy from the minors can show them up. That's like you being at your job for five years, and you're being told by your boss that the guy who just got promoted from the mail room is more efficient than you.

Another couple things about them: Craig, as much as I love him, hasn't been the same since he sat out with his knee injury, and we need a game from Ryan that's a win from the goalie. And there are others, as well. Drew needs to stop gripping the stick so tightly, and get angry for being benched. He just seems to go with the flow, and it kills me. I'm too angry to go on.

On another note, I saw dear Timmy at the game last night. He was sitting up in the press box. And funny story... I never usually look in that area of the press box, because I didn't think the players sat there, but for some reason my eyes sort of gravitated to him. AND I STILL DON'T GET IT. HE'S NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE. idk. He just has a really powerful aura, I guess.

Shannon and I were going to flash him, but we couldn't really see him, mostly because he was sitting down, so we decided that possibly getting his attention wasn't worth her boyfriend Mark and my friend Jason getting all sorts of angry and the most-likely public indecency charge. But, in hindsight, I'm sure Timmy's got a sensor for that sort of thing, and he probably would have noticed... Yet again, another missed opportunity.


Are you ready???

Are you sure? Because I'm not so sure that you are.

Well, alright. So, remember how last year, Derek was playing fantastic, and this year, he kinda sucks? And remember how we've been saying it's because he's a chunky monkey???


Thanks much to awesome reader Katie for this gem. She's my new best friend (Sorry, Kim).

And I think MJ put it best, by saying, "UM BRB clawing my eyes out because I never want to see another pic again because this one is the winner. We as a society can stop taking pictures now."

Amen, sister. Amen.

If only that picture could help the Sabres play better...

Friday, November 21

My day just got A LOT better.

So as excited as I was to be going to yet another Sabres game, I was kind of dreading it at the same time. See, I'm going with this guy I used to work with, his friend, and his friend's girlfriend. So it kinda feels like a date, since I sometimes get the feeling, and Kim sometimes thinks, that said guy likes me, so it's bound to be awkward. I thought, "At least Kim will be at the game, so I can steal a seat near her if things get really weird."




Needless to say, I'm super excited, because if you go back a few days, I believe you'll recall my long post arguing why Marky Mark should don the blue and gold.

So now I don't really care if my group for the game appears to be a double date, or that they jersey for my friend will be in on Wednesday but I still have to wait for Princess D's jersey for an undetermined amount of time, BECAUSE I GET TO SEE MY AHL BOYFRIEND. SOOOOOO HAPPY.

And, on another note, LINDY IS BEGINNING TO ACT LIKE A TRUE COACH, benching people who don't deserve ice time currently.

Okay, back to Mark... I have to tell you, Kim and I are extremely devoted to him. Last November, the Amerks had a go-karting outing thing, where they were at an indoor track in Greece, NY, and you had to pay to race them, and the money went to charity... Well, Kim and I drove out there just to see him, and it was absolutely fabulous.

He's really tall, too, and I'm kinda on the short side, so my head was like, at his chin. So that was cool. But he smelled amazing, so it was all good.


We actually first noticed him because he looked like David Fumero, who plays Christian Vega on One Life to Live, if any of you watch that trashy soap opera. Those are really the best, though, aren't they? And I think it's hilarious that hockey players watch soap operas... But that's a whole 'nother story.

I'll post more about the game later, after I get home... That is, if I'm not too disgusted. And I'm crossing my fingers that I won't be.

Thursday, November 20

Wow. Just, wow.

Last night, when the Sabres came storming out of the gate, I came up with a really nifty idea for my post-game post. AND THEN DEREK SCORED, and that post became a little bit better.


So my plan was shot to hell, and my heart shattered, and now I don't even know where to begin.

Well, I'll begin with Tim Connolly, I suppose.

I'm seriously worried about this guy. Like, even though I don't like to talk to my inside-the-Sabres source too, too much, because he really drives me crazy, I'm seriously tempted to call him and find out what's going on. BUT, I don't think he'd be able to tell me, but idk. If I decide it's worth him pestering me all the time, I'll give The Boy a call. Until then, we can speculate.

This is what Lindy had to say:

"Here's what I'll rule out: It has absolutely nothing to do with concussion; it has absolutely nothing to do with vertebrae. It's brand new.

"It's an injury that I don't want to explain. It's a tough one, and I don't want to explain it. I give him a lot of credit for muscling his way through one game. If it was a groin injury, I'd tell you a groin because nobody's going to go after his groin. If it's an injury where I really think somebody could target, you don't say anything."

IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP ME COPE, LINDY??? BECAUSE IT'S NOT WORKING. Now, I'll be the first person to rag on Timmy when he gets a stupid injury, or if he misses practice, or if he's found passed out on the floor of the Snooty Fox, but in all actuality, I LOVE HIM TO DEATH. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's embarrassing at times, yes, but even Danny Paille admitted that he has NKOTB on his iPod. Close enough.

And he thinks it's that bad, to the point that it's something that would make him a target?? Now, again, I'll be the first person to say that Timmy won't be here come July of 2010, BUT HE'S MY TIMMY. DON'T HURT HIM. Or you'll quickly find yourself on my Hockey Player Hit List. I'll have to tell you about it someday, but most of the people on it are there for knocking Tim into the next season.

Seriously, though, while reviewing a bunch of stuff for my Medical Terminology class, I decided to try to figure out what's really wrong with Tim. The only things "musculoskeletal" that I could come up with, having to deal with the upper body, that could present itself as "a bruised chest," were the following:

- BROKEN OR FRACTURED RIBS. That's any crack or break, anywhere on the bone of a rib. They usually take 1-2 months to completely heal, since there's nothing that can be done by a human to have any effect, really.

- COSTOCHONDRAL SEPARATION. These are a little more touchy. This occurs when the bone of the rib, in the middle ribs, separates from the cartilage attaching it to the sternum. Treatment for this can take up to 12 weeks, possibly more.

- The other possibility I can think of would be a cracked sternum. This would take a ridiculously long time to heal, just because of the thickness and strength of the bones in that area: the manubrium (the flatter, rounder, top portion of the sternum), the sternum, the xiphoid process (the small, pointy, lowest portion of the sternum), the ribs, and the clavicles. They're very strong, and because of their function, it would take them a good amount of time to heal, and to heal properly.

I think the most likely would be the costochondral separation. But, since Tim's injury is presenting as a bruised chest, I want to say that there's at least one break or fracture. The break in a bone and leaking of bone marrow would give the appearance of a bruise.

I don't know, though. It's difficult to say. It really could be a number of things. Plus, I'm not too sure, just because Lindy's scared. And if Lindy's worried, then I definitely am.

Sorry I was boring you with medical talk. It actually allows me to study while I post, which is weird, and I'll never do it again, I promise...

On to the Derek Roy Report.

Derek actually woke up this morning. SHOCKING. Because after that game, if I were him, I would've skipped this week, not last.

- Oh, hey! He's talking about The System!! Another shock!
- He's excited to play the Flyers, because of Marty and that like puke.
- He said that the practices can be short (45 minutes), up to 75-90 minutes.
- They are not allowed to have their cell phones on the ice.
- Has he ever checked out Rivet's six-pack. "Is that serious? Yeah, he's built."
- If he could live forever, what would he live for? "For my family." SUPER CUTE. MAJOR POINTS.
- He gets a Big Extra Meal with a side of chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce at McDonald's.
- Derek doesn't know what he'll be wearing to Level on Saturday, and says he won't be dancing.
- Funniest fan story? "I don't know... Let me get back to you on that one."
- How is Kyle? "He's good, he's good." Apparently he wants his own show on Kiss.


BUT WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO WORK WHEN COOL THINGS HAPPEN? KISS IS THROWING A PARTY FOR DEREK AT LEVEL NIGHT CLUB ON SATURDAY. That's bull. I'm pissed. I mean, I suppose I could go after work, but of course my friend would have to be coming home from school on Saturday and she wants our group to go out for midnight pie, since that's a bit of a tradition with us. And I'm not so sure if I said to this friend, "LET'S GO CLUBBING 'CAUSE PRINCESS D IS OUT," she'd be down with it. Sad.

And to the girl who asked D if Craig has a six-pack?? WAY TO MAKE HIM SEEM EVEN MORE GAY. I'm pretty sure all the guys do in the locker room is check each other out. BUT, I do think I should e-mail Janet and include Derek's chunky monkey pic, and have her ask him if he has a six-pack, and when he says "yes," confront him with that gem. Think it would work??

But I'd love to Craig's six-pack any day. Hell, I'd pay to see it.

Yeah, that's right, Craig. Because Derek said that on the air, you're going to be hit on by teenagers and college students across Western New York. And all they'll want to see are your abs. I can't say I blame them, though.

Oh, and hey! While the Sabres can't win, I'M SO GLAD THE PIRATES CAN. Thank God that one of my teams is playing consistantly. And you should definitely go seen the renovations Anne and S(h)ara have done to Sabretooth's House. They're glorious.

Alright, kids. I'm out. And by out, I mean at the dining room table, still studying, instead of going out in the 30-degree, snowy weather. So, stay warm, loves. And if anyone hears anything about Timmy, txt me, please?? Thanks dears!!

Tuesday, November 18

What to say, what to say?

Well, I know I'm not going to say anything about that catastrophic kick that almost made me commit suicide during the Bills game.

Besides, why should I talk about that when there is a new Sabres injury to discuss? What injury is that, might you ask?


Or his yeast infection, as my father said. I think that's pushing the envelope, myself. We say he's gay, or metro-sexual... Not transsexual. He's so harsh to my guys...

But anyways, I suggested to my mother that I make him some cookies, and this time I was deadly serious. I have an excuse to be in the area of his townhouse, since two of my good friends works in the office building about 500 feet away from his doorstep, and another friend is working on the construction of an apartment building going up across the street. SO IT'S ENTIRELY PLAUSIBLE THAT I REALLY AM "JUST IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD." Alas, my mother, since she had seen the infamous picture, reasoned that, because D's getting chunky, or was chunky, maybe some tofu brownies would be a better idea.

I don't like tofu, though, so unless Derek misses any games, he's not getting anything from me.

MJ gave me a good laugh, yesterday, though. When I found out that Derek was hurt, or at least missed practice, I texted her about it, and this was her response:

Oh no not princess d!! They are all falling apart on me!!

Okay, first of all, it rhymes. But she called him Princess D!! I love it!!! MJ, you're my heroine.

On another note, I found that car dealerships in Western New York are allowing people like me crazy fan-girls to find the Sabres a little bit more easily, these days...

Take, for example, DeLacy Ford:

And, for Exhibit B, I present, from Autoplace Nissan, via an internet dealer:

(That car that Paul now drives is an Infiniti FX35. Nice cars...)

I found the one of Paul when I was searching for a commercial that Kim saw, in which Paul was doing a Jason Pominville-esque promotion. That was the only thing returned to me. So then I ventured over to DeLacy's website to find some stuff about Jason, and I found some wonderful pictures....

Oh, and Ryan Miller is going to do the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree at Rotary Rink on Sunday at 5 pm. I saw something somewhere (maybe in the paper this morning?) that it's $100 per ticket... That's a bit steep, if you ask me, to watch a good looking guy throw a switch. Whatever, though, because I don't get to see it because I'll be at work. What a shame...

But that's about all the Sabres stuff I could dig up for today. Enjoy the snow!!

Sunday, November 16

One can get from Portland to Buffalo in 1 hour and 27 minutes.

So, after my not-so-little rant last night, I'm much more collected this evening. But that's not to say that I'm not still aboard the Bench-Derek-Roy-Bandwagon, because I'm driving it.

That being said, if when he does have a nice view of the game from the press box, I hope he gets to watch Mark Mancari play for a game. Then he'll see what a good hockey player should be doing... Carrying his team, even when he doesn't necessarily have to, because there's ample talent spread around.

Take, for example, Mark's stats on the season thus far:

In 13 games, he's netted 11 goals, along with 13 assists, to plant him firmly in a tie for 2nd place in the AHL for points with 24. In case you don't have time to do the math, that's 1.85 points per game. And, like Anne mentioned, he's only spent 2 minutes in the box. That's it. Oh, yeah, and he's a +16.

All this from a guy who's 6'4" tall, weighs 225 pounds, has a slapshot that registers 102.8 miles per hour, and supposedly skates slow. I DON'T CARE IF HE SKATES SLOW, HIS STATS ARE BETTER THAN MOST THE SABRES, SO HE SHOULD BE A SABRE. Only Vanek has more goals (13), and he's got Sekera, our leader of assists (9), by 4. So he's got more points all-around than any guy on our team. +/-, you ask? Well, he's got 11 on Toni Lydman, who leads with a +5. Oh, and only three players on the active Sabres have yet to take a penalty (Connolly, Paille, and Hecht), which is shocking, actually, and two more have only 2 PIM (Pominville and Paetsch). So, yeah. I BELIEVE MARK WARRANTS A PLANE TICKET TO THE B-LO.

Besides, only he can rival Adam Mair in the category of funny-face pictures:

Okay. That's good enough for now.


Mark Mancari can fuck a bitch up.

Just ask Darcy Tucker.

That lead to this:


Lindy, tell Darcy to make the call. Trust me, it'll do the blue and gold a whole lot of good. DO IT. NOW. Pretty please with sugar on top?

Saturday, November 15


First of all, those games blew. EPIC FAILURE ON BOTH NIGHTS. I don't have anything to say, except to paraphrase Lindy, about either game:

They played part of the game. PART. Unless you show up for an entire 60 minutes, you cannot, I REPEAT, CANNOT expect to win games. The guys played great decent enough through the first 40 tonight, and if they would've just played simple hockey, and stayed tight defensively and kept the pressure on, they would've come out with a win. BUT NO!!! They just had to go and take penalties and be all cutesy.


So, anyways, allow me to get to the point.


Please, Lindy, I'm begging you. Bench him. And bench him now. Last year, Derek was feisty, productive, and on his way to becoming a bit of a pest to the opposing teams. This year? Well, let's just say Dreck hasn't impressed me much. At all.

So Dreck? Either step it up IMMEDIATELY, or I'm going to wish that the third jersey I'm awaiting so anxiously didn't have your name on it. And as mad as I am at you--which is a lot--you'd best not be benched on Friday, because then I'll have wasted a day's pay to see you play. SO DON'T MESS THIS ONE UP.

I'm so incredibly mad at you.

AND DON'T YOU DARE SAY YOU'RE SORRY. DON'T BE SORRY. You should be ashamed of yourself. Yeah, that's it. Go pout. Go cry on Kyle's shoulder. I don't want to hear it.

I actually don't want to hear it from any of the Sabres.

Yeah, that's right Drew. I'm a mouse potato telling you how to play the game. DEAL WITH IT.

I hope Lindy makes you do an hour's worth of suicides tomorrow.

Okay, I'm really not that mad at them; I just tend to have a flair for the dramatic. I am very upset and disappointed, though. They really need to step it up...

Friday, November 14

Friday's Fancies

A. Blue Jackets at Sabres

Soooo excited about this game. Probably, mostly, because Staffy and Patty K will be back in the lineup, I think, at least. They should be, anyways. Timmykins can sit this one out; we'll need him more tomorrow. Max will probably sit, as well, because Lindy was no more happy with him than I was with Derek yesterday morning.

And I'm thinking Patty L will get the nod tonight??? That's just my guess, because I'd rather have Miller in against Pitt.

Needless to say, since I'm going to be at the becking call of the elderly this evening, they'll be in bed by 7 pm, except for the ones who know anything; they can stay up later and wait for intermission. I'm so nice. They love me though. Especially Mrs. Miller. I really wish she were related...

Oh, and did anyone else see that, since Columbus became a team, we've played them 8 times, and have only won twice?! That's a bit upsetting, since Columbus is probably the next stop on mine and Kim's Sabres Roadtripping Excursions. Although, that's going to be next year, so we can bring a whole bunch more people with us, along with Boston, Round Two (btw, the invitation to join us on that one is still open, and always will be).

B. Catwalk For Charity III

Okay, some background information is needed before I address B. But anyways, my friend Michelle, who is six years my senior, but grew up next door to me, so basically she's the closest thing I have to an older sister, is getting married in June. She and her fiance moved to Phoenix last summer, and last time my girl was up to Buffalo for a visit, we grabbed our usual lunch at Duff's. She mentioned the date for her bachelorette party. Problem is, as you know, I'm not quite 20 yet, so a party with a minimum age of 21 wouldn't quite work for me. So, in a couple weeks, when I head up to Toronto for a friend's birthday party, you might have an idea of what I might be picking up while I'm there.

That being said, the date for THE THIRD CATWALK FOR CHARITY HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009
MARK IT DOWN, LADIES. (Thank you, Jill!)

Because you know that if I can find someone willing to go and fork over the money (coughcoughNOTkim), you know I'm there. I think it'd be fun to make a blogess-es night out of it, don't you???

Because we all know that I want to see this:

And you want to see this:

But, who's that bald guy in the middle?? I don't believe I've ever seen him before...

C. Voting


What the HELL is going on with this voting process? I honestly believe that it's stacked.



It's a conspiracy. Really.

The Sabres, you ask? Where are they currently? Well... Derek and Tommy aren't on the visible horizon, and I can barely see Tepp in the distance; he's currently in 9th place with 12,119 votes. Ryan is faring slightly better; he's in 5th with 13,708.


Alright. I'm done. I'm working all night (literally, all night), so I won't be posting until tomorrow afternoon, or maybe right before the game, continuing throughout. I haven't decided. We'll see how long I stay in bed, since I won't be getting home until 7:30 tomorrow morning. Yuck. Why do I do this to myself? Oh, yeah... So I can afford more Sabres tickets. It's a win/lose situation, but I'll take it.

Enjoy the game, and your Friday night, kiddos. Don't do anything I would do, and Go Sabres!!

Thursday, November 13

C'mon Henrik!! Let's Do The Twist.

This deserves it's own post all together.


They broke bastards

So once again, the oft injured Tim Connolly is hurt...not really a surprise there, considering he's been back for 5 games it was bound to happen. So any of you who are shocked please raise your hand?'s what I thought.

The Sabres Edge reported that Connolly has a bruised chest whatever that means I'm betting Timmy broke every rib in his upper chest after being hit by Keith Tkachuk. Timmy was apparently looking for someone to pass the puck to and didn't see Tkachuk aiming for him which resulted in Timmy going down, but miraculously bouncing back up in a very un-Timmy like fashion. But anyway even though Timmy did a great impression of a bouncy ball he's questionable for Friday's game against the Blue Jackets. On a good note, he didn't suffer any head trauma which most likely would have resulted in Timmy having to wear a football helmet for the rest of his life in fear of someone else hitting him in his delicate cranium.

It's sad and all but it also opens the doors for Stafford or Kaleta to play in Friday's game if it turns out that Timmyho is too hurt to play. I also have a feeling that Maxie is going to be getting a great view of the ice from the press box after playing for only 6 minutes in last night's game. Scratching him may be the only way to get through to him because obviously Ruff's talk about taking care of the puck and not going out for longs shifts didn't. As much as I love Max I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him sitting out a lot of games in the next few months, because I'm pretty sure if you put a coat tree out on the ice no one would no the difference. So depending on the whole Timmy situation we may have both Stafford and Kaleta back in the line up, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how broken Timmy truly is.

KYLE, GO GET DEREK. And who are these Sabres?

Okay, so I'm totally excited about the win last night.  Like, completely.  But I'll talk about that later since it's Cari + Derek = Fate time.  And since I couldn't really get over the shock that my question was picked last week, and being exhausted from exploring Boston, I didn't really have the time to post about it last week in detail, but this week I do!!  That is, if I don't cram some more for my anatomy exam...
OH, BUT WAIT:  HE'S OVERSLEPT.  Story of my life.  (Derek, get your ass out of bed and call Kiss 98.5 right now...  Nick and Janet are contemplating calling "Derek's best friend" Kyle to wake him up...  HAHAHAHAHAHA Kyle.)

And lovelies?  I apologize for how ADD-ish this post is...  I'm half paying attention to what I'm writing, and half concentrating on the radio to see hear Derek...  Because what would a post of mine on Thursday be without the Derek Roy Report?  Just another post.  And frankly, I think my Thursday posts are absolutely ridiculous, and I love being absolutely ridiculous.
Alright, so maybe I will discuss the game for a bit...

WTF was up with that game, though, honestly?  ADAM SCORES, TIMMMAAY SCORES, AND HANK SCORES??!!  AND PETEY FIGHTS...  TWICE IN 12:01?????

Um, can this happen every night?  But switch up the scorers every once in a while so Derek and the rest have a job in blue and gold come September 2009?  Adam's seemed to excel this year, a little bit.  He's now got 4 points (3-1) in 15 games, when his career highs were in 2003-04, with 6-14 for 20 points.  Yeah, I think he'll have no problem hitting those marks if the team keeps in up.  And Timmy???  6 points in 5 games?  Okay.  Just, stay out of Keith Tkachuk's way, alright??  AND HANK!!!  ily...  I really do.  You're just too cute with your little celebratory shimmy and your gigantic grin while you really punched every guy on the bench, and then this:

"That's the first time I ever got the first star, I just have to enjoy it right now."

And Petey?  You're equally as adorable because of this:

"If we're going by points it's not fair because I'm never going to get [a pigeon]."

Well now you've got one.  =]

Moving on.  Really, though, I told my dad when it was 3-0 that I'd be okay with St. Louis scoring IF AND ONLY IF it were Jay McKee that buried the biscuit.  But when Perron scored, I actually yelled at the TV, saying, "You're not Jay!  I didn't say you could fuck with Miller's goals against!!"  Ohhh, what fun.

OOOH let's talk about Timmy for a bit.  Did anyone else feel like saying "KEITH TKACHUK JUST DESTROYED TIM CONNOLLY????"  I thought it warranted it, at least.  If Tim had been hit like that last year, I honestly believe in my heart that he would have been on the ice for a good 10 minutes, motionless.  BUT THIS JUST PROVES THAT THE REAL TIM CONNOLLY IS NOT PLAYING THIS YEAR.  Because there is no way in hell that Tim bounced up off the ice like that and kept playing.  And the coaches realized they effed up because he left the game not much longer than that.  NOTICE IT???  Yes you did.  DON'T LIE.  You're only fooling yourself.  Jill knows my theory that Marek Zagrapan is filling in for TC, but I'm not so sure about that anymore, because Marek is pretty much adorable in person, and Tim is kinda repulsive, actually...  I'm not too sure who's filling in for him anymore...

And now Derek is 15 minutes late.  I don't think he's going to be calling Janet and Nick, but I don't want to leave my radio in case he does...  I'm pretty much disappointed in him, kinda like someone would be upset if their boyfriend didn't pick her up for their date, and they only get to go out once a week.  OH, WAIT, because I feel like the Derek Roy Report is like my weekly date with Derek.  Yeah, I know, I'm delusional, but I live with it alright, so I guess you can too.

During the game I kept voting for the All-Star game, which took forever.  There's too much traffic on too low of a bandwidth for that to go smoothly.  A webpage that would take about a second to load on my computer took 5 mintues.  So then I discovered the text message voting.  All you have to do is send the player's last name to 81812.  Standard rates apply.  AND I HAVE UNLIMITED, so you know that I'm going to be voting allllll day long.  I believe you get a confirmation text after every 10 votes.  (But if you send "Roy," you get a response that says "2 or more players match that name.  Reply 1 for Andre Roy, 2 for Derek Roy."  Well, duh, who do you think I want??  Stupid phone.)  But I got really annoyed when Derek cranked one off the post last night because I had just hit vote on my ballot.  I really said this, too:  "Derek, you idiot, I spend all night voting for you and that's what you give me?!?!?!"

Derek's turning out to be a terrible Sabres Boyfriend...  Kyle aside.

And I really think that maybe he's not going to be on the radio today.  Kinda upsetting because I set my alarm for 7:30 to ensure that I was going to have an acceptable attention span.  So I got up early for nothing.  THANKS, DEREK.  THANKS A LOT.

Well, he's now 45 minutes late, so I'm giving up.  Stupid Royzie.

Wednesday, November 12

Derock the Vote? NO? Well, okay, maybe just vote..

This morning, when I woke up, I expected to be able to vote my lovely Sabres into the All-Star Game.


instead of the NHL being normal and putting links or whatever up on, the homepage, to allow people to vote, I had to be all sneaky-like and find the address in old articles. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT THIS MORNING. Well, obviously I made the time, but at the moment it is 8:05 am and I have to leave no later than 8:45, and as Kim nows, it takes me a ridiculously long time to get ready this early in the morning. I move about as slow as molasses.

So since there is no interesting hockey news, go vote your cute little butts off for Derek, Tommy, Teppo, and Ryan!!

Oh, wait, I lied. BRIERE IS HURT AGAIN!!!! Why am I excited, you might ask? Well, I'm only hoping that his injury lasts him about two weeks, because I'm going to the Sabres/Flyers game next Friday, and I am not the biggest Briere fan.

And there's a slight possibility I might be going to the Blues game tonight. If not, I'll probably post during intermissions. If so, then I'll post when I return home. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let Jay McKee play. It's not right to deprive Buffalo's fans of him. We still love him. At least Anne and I do.

Oh, and this is just too funny: AHAHHAHHAHHHA Gloria Gaynor is going to be on the Today Show this morning. Oh, how I wish I could stay home from lab to sing hear her sing "I Will Survive." Only the best karaoke song... EVER!!

Tuesday, November 11

Anybody else want to join the my life sucks club?

So today as I was driving home from school, I got a speeding ticket, granted I was going 67 in a 55 but still come on after the day that I had?? That was the icing on the cake. First off there was no Sabres game tonight , so sadness with that, they are playing tomorrow however and I am going but I'm going through withdrawl seriously, I'm starting to sweat and feel shaky and that's not just from being scared crapless of the cop that pulled me over. Why may you ask was my day also horrible? I had 3 hours of sleep last night because my knee, old dancing injury, was aching so bad that 800 milligrams of ibuprofen wasn't dulling the pain. So not only was I tired and cranky this morning I was also in pain, and the lab quiz that I was studying for last night...yeah didn't get any studying done this morning at school because I kept falling asleep on the couch in the lounge.

Also, HOT BOY ALERT, there's this guy in my microbiology lab who looks like he could be the younger brother of Paul, so obviously I spend more time staring at him then concentrating on my work. Hence why today I almost lit my arm hair on fire while trying to sterilize a innoculating loop. Then there was that time today when I ran into a waist high garbage can right in the middle of class, knocking it over, luckily it was empty, but nevertheless still embarassing. He caught my eye as I walked sheepishly back to my work station and smiled almost causing me to drop the test tubes that I was holding, because HOLY CRAP that smile. After the teacher left us to our work, gorgeous comes over to me leans in real close and says, "Just letting you know there's a garbage can there." Then he laughs of course I swoon, then we start talking about the labs we were doing what I like to affectionately call 'nerd flirting' because that's essentially what it is, flirting while talking about intelligent stuff. This is all my estrogen talking just FYI.

But anyway, the whole reason for this blog is not to talk about my great nonexistant love life. It's to talk about the Sabres, but the information is sorely lacking because they haven't played in 3 days, another reason I'm going through withdrawal, no hockey news, no Sabres game, what's a girl to do...well maybe I should try finishing my research paper, but where's the fun in that?

Well there is one pretty ray of new Sabres news on about Teppo and the All-Star game and about how the first time he played in it Steve Yzerman and Wayne Gretzky were the top two centers, so pretty much forever and a half ago was the first time he played in the game. But anyway it sounds like the whole team is pushing for him. The article literally makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because Teppo seems like such a good guy, and I personally, everytime I go on the internet, am going to vote for him and Ryan, Derek and Tommy and of course every write-in from the Sabres on the ballot, I hope you will all join me and I will leave you with this my fine blogging friends:

Lydman said of Numminen. "I just want to tell everybody to vote for him and get him into that starting lineup."

So let's do it for him, let's give him the recognition he deserves, voting opens tomorrow and I hope you will all take the opportunity to vote often and hopefully we can get him into the starting lineup.

IT'S JAY DAY!! Well, at least tomorrow is... Maybe.

I got all excited this morning when I realized that we play St. Louis tomorrow, because that means one of my favorite Prodigal Sabres returns to Buffalooooo!!!

Jay McKee is my first REALLY big Sabres love.  Before him,  there were Hasek (I was 5; don't judge me) and Brian Holzinger, but that was before all the hormones kicked in, so I think those were truly just hockey loves.  I mean, I did think Brian was absolutely adorable, which he is, but I didn't know anything about him, so it was purely because he was a Sabre.  But Jay?  Oh, I love Jay.  I once saw he and Marty Biron with their now wives at an *NSync concert.  You know, the one at the Ralph.  Anyways, my friend Colleen approached them only after Nicole and Anne Marie left, probably flocking to the bathroom, but she got a picture of them.  AND JAY WAS WEARING A VISOR THAT SAID PORN STAR.  I actually wouldn't doubt it.  I'm still madly in love with Robert Jay Alan McKee.  <3

So you can imagine my excitement when I looked at the schedule.  Now, normally I'd know what team we're up against next, but since these long breaks between games KILL ME, I try not to focus on the next game too, too much, because then I can't distract myself from my Sabres deprivation..  BUT, when I saw it was the Blues, I looked at my mom, and in some pathetic little voice, go, "awwww we play Jay!"

But then I found this.


THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT YOU CAN HAVE ST. LOUIS PLAY IN BUFFALO AND RELEGATE JAY TO NATHAN PAETSCH STATUS!!!!  Has Murray completely lost his mind?  I think so.  Because if I have to sit through another Jay-less St. Louis game, I'll cry.  No, really, I will.

Now I'm all depressed.  Talk about high to low in 60 seconds.

BUT THERE IS SILVER LINING, because that article also brought out that Paul Kariya might now play??  That's fine by me since he's "hot like a firecracker," as Rick might say.

But also the Men's Journal is out now, and once I get off of my butt I might go to the store and pick it up.  And when I say I might, I will.  Most definitely.

I don't care if I'm not supposed to like Chris Drury anymore, he's so gosh-darned handsome.  So I don't care.  I'm going to buy it, and I'm going to enjoy it.  Besides, how could I not enjoy Henrik Lundqvist and (DUH!) Markus Naslund??!??  Enough said.


Except for the fact that Mike Ryan got demoted to Albany.  NOT FAIR.  Of course he'd be in North Carolina while I was in Boston, and of course he wouldn't be in Albany when I drove through there, either.  NOT FAIR AT ALL.  But seriously, they couldn't have used a better picture of him?  I mean, his eyebrows look fantastic, but his hair is a little bit foofy...  Whatever, though.  HE HAS A JOB, and that's all that matters, and now MJ is very, very, very close to him, so yay.

Alright.  I'm going to go buy some new CD's, and I'm going to go buy Men's Journal, and enjoy the beauty of NHL players for a little while, in order to forget that the Sabres aren't playing tonight, at least for a little while.

Monday, November 10

Procrastination is my friend...

Once again I'm posting because I'm trying to avoid studying for a lab quiz that I have tomorrow, the work never seems to end but this was just too good. So while I was legitimately trying to get some studying done I decided to take a little breather and peruse my usual Sabres haunts. Of course that includes the blogs and as well as the mecca of all Sabres news

So, I had to let out a big squeeeeeee, when I saw that Mark Mancari had been named AHL player of the week. Which considering that Cari and I drove all the way to Boston and then to Portland just to attend our first Pirate's game of the season makes that fact that we saw him and the rest of the team in action so much better. Now if any of you are wondering why he was named AHL player of the week, let's just say that Mark has had 4 goals and 4 assists in 3 games, for a grand total of HOLY CRAP! Just kidding that would be 8 points folks, 8 points that's more then most of the Sabres players have had all season.

Am I wrong is saying that I think we should have a team transplant for a game? I think that the whole Pirates team should come up and play an NHL game and I think that the Sabres should be demoted for a game and sent back to the AHL. I'm starting to wonder if maybe the Pirates could actually beat an NHL team because, and let's face it, with the way that they've been playing I'm thinking that it's a definite possibility. Any thoughts???

a lot to catch up on

Okay, so I believe I owe you a post...

I think it's safe to say that this weekend wasn't everything I had hoped it would be. Don't get me wrong; finding out Derek answered my question, seeing the Pirates win, following Paul, and having Drew sign my subway ticket were fantastic, but a Sabres win and some nicer weather would have made it alllllll better. I'm not complaining, though. I'd live in Boston if I could.

It's kinda hard to tell, because he signed in a very fine pen,
but that's Drew's signature. ON MY SUBWAY TICKET.
Hey, at least I acknowledged that it was lame,
but he found it funny, so I guess it's alright.

I'm not going to talk about the game much, because it upsets me. So we'll talk about things at the game.

(0) This wasn't really at the game, but on the T up to Boston from Norwell, we met six Sabres/Bills fans. It was awesome. They had some balls, too, because they were mostly dressed in Buffalo sports attire. Boston is not the city where I would do that, nor is Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, or Ottawa. Back to the point. Honestly, I don't think we went anywhere in the city on Saturday without seeing the Blue and Gold or the Blue and Red.

(1) Kim was afraid to wear her jersey, so she zipped up her North Face to her throat, and tucked the jersey into the bottom of it. I called her a wuss, and she took it off. So we got dirty, nasty, downright maniacal looks from some of their fans, but let's face it: Which team is better? Exactly.

(2) As we were waiting to go up into the lobby from the train station area of TD Northbank Garden (the arena is on top of North Station, kinda like Madison Square Garden), I saw a group of five guys walk in, one of them in a Golden Gophers Vanek jersey. I looked a little bit closer at the group, poked Kim, and said, "Hey, isn't that Pete and Corey?" She says, "Pete and Corey?" I say, "Yeah, we went to high school with them." Turns out they were Pete and Corey, my German classmate and school's star goalie, respectively. SMALL WORLD? Yeah, I thought so.

(3) These same guys start chanting once we reached the lobby, before going into the actual hallways of the arena. We were all doing the classic Bills' "Let's Go Buffalo" one, and it got damn loud in there. It was really fun, because the Bruins fans weren't even attempting to counter us.

(4) MJ was right... Those pictures around the arena almost make me want to be a Bruins fan... I SAID ALMOST. Don't judge me.

(5) The warmups were fantastic. I've never bothered to go down to the glass and take pictures during warmups, and I have no idea why, because that was stupid. And right now I'm too lazy to put all of my picture from Portland and Boston up on Webshots, but they're on Facebook, so look at them there if we're friends. Or, click the city right here and you can go to them. I'll get Kim's up here somehow, eventually... Oh, and don't judge us based on our stupid-face pictures. We can be extremely immature sometimes, but overall, we're very mature people, believe it or not. =]

(6) Only one Bruins fan really said anything to us, and it was nice. I was kind of disappointed. There's nothing I love more than trash-talking other teams to their fans. It's so exhilarating. This guy only tapped me on the shoulder, asked if we were from Buffalo, and if we had driven up just for the game. How boring and reserved.

(7) This guy's wife, when a Paris Hilton wannabe came strutting down the steps in her thigh-high stiletto boots and sleeveless cotton dress, leaned forward and said to Kim and I, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" Honestly, since she and her boyfriend were in the front row, the three of us were in shock. I kid you not, not even five minutes later, she was wearing his hoodie. Ridiculous. Why do you dress like that if you know you're going to a hockey game? In Boston, in November? Wow. Just, wow.

(8) Have I ever mentioned that I love Boston accents? Well I do. So when the drunk guys a couple rows in front of us decided to start chanting "Miller," they were, in actuality, saying "Millah." Kim and I were waiting for one of them to drop down to their knees and just scream out "STELLA!" instead. We needed to find something amusing about that game after Connolly had scored and Kaleta attempted to take on Chara. Yikes...

(9) There were really belligerent and drunk Bruins fans on the train back to my aunt's house, so I told Kim that we could be wusses now, and then we tucked our jerseys in and zipped our North Faces up to our throats. It was really hot on that train, too, and since my aunt is the last stop, and they were going to the last stop, I almost died. I don't do well with excessive heat when wearing Uggs, a long sleeve shirt, a hockey jersey, and a fleece jacket. No thank you.

(10) Oh, and then my aunt yelled at us because we didn't get Paul's autograph and/or picture. Well, the only way we could've done that, without invading his personal space, would have been to jump out at him, and I have a feeling it would've gone down kinda like this.

Well, I guess that's all I can think of right now in regards to our little trip to Boston. Although, my aunt has expressed our welcomed return, so I have a feeling we'll be up for Round Two next season. BUT, Kim and I were discussing it on the drive home, and we think it would be quite fun to get a room at the Ritz, despite the outrageous price tag, just so we can hit up the bar there while the boys are there. And does give quite the discount, so it's a definite possibility. Anybody in??

Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed this article. At least someone's willing to admit that they were wrong and the Sabres should have been much higher on the end-of-season rankings than 11th.

Also, whatever happened to the doubleheaders they always used to have on Versus, Monday and Tuesday nights? Why is it that they aren't starting up again until the second-last week of the season? They always used to get me through the Mondays and Tuesdays that the Sabres didn't play and my shows weren't on. But now, since the hold-out between Time Warner and Channel 4 and The CW basically made me miss a good deal of my shows for a couple weeks, I'm so far behind with no chance of getting caught up, so now I only have one game to watch for the next two nights. How boring.

I think that's pretty much it. I'll post later if something interesting surfaces...

Saturday, November 8

OMG kajhgkhaigfhkj IT'S PAUL GAUSTAD

Okay, so remember how I said that Kim and I were going to go by the Ritz to see if we saw any Sabres??

Well...  I'm going to be brutally honest with you.  I did not expect to see any.


When we got off the T at Park Street, in the middle of the Boston Commons, I look down the road and see a man with wavy, shaggy, caramel-colored hair, walking further down the block, in a suit, towards the Ritz.

Who was that, you ask?  MAXIM AFINOGENOV, Kim's future ex-husband.

Oh, but wait.  It gets better.

So then we walk down Avery, the street the hotel is physically on.  And then we see Paully getting out of a cab.  Now, Kim didn't want to go up to him, and we were on the opposite side of the street to begin with, so we kind of just followed him, down that block, down three more, and then up one.

Now, he had his earbuds in, so I didn't know the polite way to say, "HEY!  YOU'RE PAUL GAUSTAD!" without freaking him out, so we didn't interrupt his "me time."  But then we were stopped at a crosswalk, RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, and me, still not knowing how to say "hey," I blurt out, "Kim, where's my phone" in a panicked frenzy.  I then pull my Sabres jersey half way out of my purse, thinking it might get his attention, but no.


So we let him go, and he begins to wander through the park, and we head back to the Ritz, again, totally not expecting to see anybody.

At this point, we were ridiculously warm from keeping up with Paul and his ridiculously long legs, so we took a breather at the corner.

All of a sudden, a gigantic yellow coach bus that looked like a giant caterpillar pulls up, and out steps Coaches McCutcheon and Patrick, as well as Lalime, Paille, Kotalik, Tallinder, Lydman, and Stafford.


I drag Kim across the street, only after I called my mother, for her to yell at me to get my ass in gear.

I go up to Drew, subway ticket and pen in hand, because that was all I had, and state,  and I quote, "Drew, I know it's lame, but can you sign my subway ticket?"


Then he took a picture of all the fans that were standing there (which was quite a few, actually) with his iPhone, because he "likes to take pictures of fans in other cities."

lkghlo;shgl;ahgaljg LOVE.

More later.  =]

Adventures in Portland

So, as we sit in the comfy queen bed in my aunt's second master bedroom, looking into the dreary, wet nature preserve that is her backyard, we are going to tell you every ridiculous story we have from the Pirates game last night.

(1) I freaked out because Mike Funk took to the ice for the first time this season.

(2) We swear some of the players (coughcough Mark Mancari) recognized us.  Not a stretch because we did go to, like, five Amerks games last year, and we did go to a bunch of preseason practices, and of course sat right behind the bench for all of them.  So he was probably thinking, "Oh, God, not those girls again."  Whatever, though.

(3) Colton Fretter literally had to dive into the Pirates bench to avoid being assessed a too many men penalty.  He landed face down on the floor, but I think the heart attack he gave Tim Kennedy, who was sitting right there, was worse than any bumps he may have sustained.  Kim laughed about this all night.  No lie.

(4) Speaking of Tim Kennedy, we decided to come up with a new nickname for him.  Since using "The Little One" could be interchangeable between he and Nathan Gerbe, I somehow, for some reason, came up with "Shirley Temple."  So, from now on, in SC, TK will be Shirley Temple.  And since e did score the game winner in the shoot out, props to dear Shirley.

(5) At first, I was going to title this post "The Gerbe Derby got rained out," because, as you probably know, he was held pointless, thus ending his streak.  Sad.  But watching that little maniac one the ice is insane!  He's so darn fast and smart, it's incredible.  When they say he'll be in Buffalo in no time, they're not far off the mark at all.  He did almost die at one time when two Falcons players sandwiched him, and he fell to the ice, and one of them almost stepped on him.  Yikes...  But we did get some interesting pictures of him...

Apparently Mancari has Mair's job in Porland.
He's protecting the Gerbe Derby.
But look how ridiculous they look next to each other...  =]

Can you see Gerbe?  Because I can't...
Actually, look just above the trainer's head and you'll see Nate's.

(6) Mark Mancari scored a nifty little power play goal, deking around the net and putting a Nathan Gerbe pass above the goalie's shoulder.

(7) I love going to games in Portland so much more than games in Rochester for the following reasons:  they pack the house (as opposed to a peppering of fans); despite being 556 miles away from Buffalo, there was a smattering of Sabres apparel in the crowd, including a Drew Stafford jersey (which I thought was a little ironic, because it was the only jersey worn that I saw); their fans know that a goal for the home team means they stand up and scream and act like idiots (in Rochester, they just sat and clapped, and failed to inform us of this, and when we stood up and cheered we got weird looks); THE TEAM ACTUALLY WINS GAMES; the players seem almost jovial at times at the bench, other than downright depressing in Rochester; the crowd cheers when they show the Sabres' score on the Jumbotron and we're winning.  There are more, I just can't think of them.

(8) Speaking of actually winning games, which Rochester didn't really know much about, when we would go there, the Amerks never won.  So, at some point, before the commencement of overtime last night, I said something along the lines of "we better win because I don't want to have driven this far to see them lose."  At that point, I realized what I had just said, so I needed some wood to knock on.  Well, seeing as the floor is concrete, and the seats are plastic, the closet thing to wood I could find would have been Kim's head.  So I knocked on that.  (Oh, it's detrimental to the story to know that we were sitting a couple rows behind Springfield's bench.)  Well, apparently #4 for the Falcons, Taylor Chorney (whom we affectionately renamed Corny), saw, and laughed.  I love amusing the hockey players.  It makes it all worth while to know that they think we're funny.

(9) Along those lines, more laughing by the Falcons at us ensued when the person in charge of the music decided to play Sweet Caroline.  Anyone who's anyone knows you have to sing along to this song, and, apparently it's funny, because this time #18, Colin McDonald, had a laugh.  But he was laughing because Kim decided to reach out, and put her hand on my shoulder as Neil Diamond instructed her to, and somehow that was funny.  I don't know...

(10) And, yet again, they had another laugh, when that song they always play at sporting events came on.  You know the one I'm talking about ("Twilight Zone," by Underground Spell, if you really don't know).  But anyways, we "woo"-ed when you're supposed to, and apparently #25 Derek Bekar and their equipment guy thought this was cute because they laughed too.  Apparently we're just cute, funny girls.  But you'd think they'd take the hint from the Pirates shirts we were wearing.

(11) There was an older guy sitting right behind us, and his friend, or someone he talks too often enough, was sitting in the row in front of us across the aisle, and they were talking about the Sabres at one point.  The old guy said, "I don't know them well enough to talk about them yet, really."  And if they had kept talking about the Sabres, I would've turned around and said, "I'm from Buffalo.  What do you want to know?" just because I could have.

(12) There was a scrum in front of the Springfield bench during the second period, I believe, and someone went after Funk.  BAD IDEA.  Wanna know why?  Because you'll have 215 pounds of this on your ass.  And you did.  Idiot.  And, while skating away, Mark flipped you off.  Yeah, that's right.  He doesn't have to use words.  He's just too damn intimidating.

(13) Jimmy Bonneau also got in a scuff in the Pirates' corner at one point, and we kind of told Jimmy what to do.  Although, I'm not quite sure "use your words, and your inside voice, remember your manners, and say hello to his mother" were quite what he wanted to hear.

There were more ridiculous stories and happenings, but I think that's enough for now.  There's a few more pictures from last night, and there will be plenty more from the Sabres/Bruins game!!!!!!!

So, we're off to shop some more, and maybe (probably) go by the Ritz to see if Paul, Derek, Ryan, or Craig are hanging around.  But don't worry, I'll link up all the pictures Monday morning.  I don't have the time, the patience, or the battery life to do that now.  Sorry!!

But Go Sabres!!