Friday, February 27

The Blackhawks Make Me Smile

Okay. You really, really, really need to watch this video.

It's great, I promise.

I love the fact that the guys are ripping on Burish for being a ladies' man. (But I wonder if the Sabres rip on Connolly and Roy the same way?)

But really, the best part of the video is at the 2:10 mark, while Burish is being interviewed. Just look behind him and you'll know what I mean.

Oh, my, how I adore Jonathan Toews! Oh, and the rest of those crazy Blackhawks... This is what the Sabres Show should be like, for at least a couple minutes.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I think it's a little bit redundant, but this time of year is absolutely crazy.

Not just in my life, but in the lives of all hockey loving, college (or high school) students who may or may not have a job.

My life though is just nuts. Not to mention going to class and having a social life, and trying to find time to do my taxes, I'm working all sorts of crazy hours and shifts, studying and doing homework in between (or just laying on the couch with a migraine), and attempting to watch the Sabres games while I'm at work, which usually means everyone (well, except for a few people) are in bed by 7:30, 8 pm, and then I come home and try to decipher the standings and the games ahead, and figure out who we need to win their own games, who we need to lose theirs, and where we could end up if A happens, or if B happens, and also keeping an eye on my favorites Western Conference teams, the Blackhawks and Canucks (in alphabetical order so as to not wrinkle any feathers).

(Phew. And just from that run-on sentence, you can get a glimpse inside of my head.)

So anyways, I owe a big thank you to my partner in crime and dear Frostee for keeping me in the loop last night, or at least until 8:30 when my stupid battery decided to die. I then had to resort to using my mother's cell phone, which is actually more like a child's play toy. Whatever, though, it did the trick.

Therefore, I really can't comment too, too much on the game, seeing as I only listened/watched from the time Jaro got hurt. That's when we got in the car, at least.

But between the fact that we did manage a point, and the fact that Lalime played wonderfully despite having the flu, I'm content. Yes, it sucks that Jaro is hurt, but I'll start worrying when we hear the news.

In the meantime, this is making me the happiest girl in Buffalo (aside from Shelby, of course):

Thursday, February 26

Musical Goal Crease, Anyone?

So I'm absolutely sure that, by now, you've all heard about the trials and tribulations of the Sabres in net, which are absolutely atrocious at the moment.

Here's our depth chart for netminders:

Ryan Miller (ankle sprain)
Patrick Lalime (flu)
Adam Dennis (hip, surgery)
Jhonas Enroth
John DeCaro (broken collarbone)

Oh, and there are two others (Bradley Eidsness, who is playing for the University of North Dakota, and Nick Eno, who plays for Bowling Green), but since neither of the two have pro contracts, I don't know what it would take to get the co-eds up here (Eno just turned 20, by the way, and Eidsness is only 19).

But that provides us with quite the quandary of who might end up in net this evening, if Lalime cannot play, and if (God, please, no) should Enroth go down.

There are three situations that would happen to the Sabres tonight if I were Lindy Ruff:

(1) Lalime is miraculously better, and suits up, 100%, and Enroth backs him up. (Best possible scenario.)

(2) Since Lalime is good enough to play, but not 100%, start Enroth, but have Lalime assume his usual position on the bench as team cheerleader.

(3) If Lalime is a no-go, put Enroth in net.

Who would play second-string in Number 3, you ask?? No one.

That's right; I said no one.

Think about this for a minute: Each team is allowed to dress 20 players, goalies included, right? Well, what if we only dressed one goalie? Then we could dress 19 skaters.

I specifically remember asking questions about this scenario to my parents many, many times when I was younger. In fact, I can hear myself up in Section 325, looking down at Dominik Hasek in net, Martin Biron on the bench, turning to my father and asking, "What happens if Dom and Marty get hurt in the same game?"

His answer? "One of the other guys would have to play goalie."

So that's why I say that. Hey, for all we know, Enroth could steal the show. I honestly think that could be the most interesting thing to happen in a hockey game in a while. I mean, who plays with only one goalie?

Because I don't necessarily trust any of our defensemen to play goal all that well, so why waste them as a benchwarmer?

Seriously, would you want Lydman, Tallinder, Paetsch, or anyone, for that matter, between the pipes with the way they've been playing lately? I sure as Hell wouldn't.

But if it came down to it, I say put the biggest body in the net, if necessary. None of these guys really have experience playing goal, let alone against Eric Staal and the Hurricanes. (Is Mike Ryan still with them? I'm too lazy to look right now...) So put the guy with the most meat in there and more net is covered.

My, my, my, this could become quite comical. I think I'm kind of glad I won't be home to see anything until the third period...

Wednesday, February 25

I'm Back [Slash] Let's Have A Movie Night

What has become of me, friends? Have I seriously dropped off the face of the blogosphere, because it certainly feels like it. I can't promise that I'll be back everyday, even every other day, because I would hate to lie to you. And, because my work schedule is absolutely crazy now, I know I won't be able to blog like I once had. And I really, really mean it when I say that next year I'm making my school schedule differently, because I want to be able to go to the gym before class like I did last year. Actually, if nothing else, to stay in bed a little longer and write about my favorite guys.

But honestly, if they keep playing like they did last night, I'm just going to opt for the extra sleep, or a trip to the gym.

And, in all truthfulness, I feel like I'm watching Titanic over, and over, and over again.

Remember how that charming, handsome young man named Jack saves a lost and forlorn spirit in Rose? Well, over the summer, when I'm hockey-deprived, I'm extremely bored. I'm not a really big fan of baseball; I'll watch it occasionally, and I'll go to Bisons games, but it doesn't affect me one way or another. So I've basically got nothing to attach the sports portion of my heart to. In many ways, then, I am much like Rose, clinging to the railing of the ship, only air separating myself and the icy water below. But then Craig Rivet, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Derek Roy, and the rest come along and tell me they'll jump with me, and eventually pull me back over the railing.

Then there's the wild love affair, where I become completely infatuated with everything the Sabres do, and we can do no wrong. I mean, we're on the grandest ship in the world, just a girl in love with her team, and her team playing pretty good hockey. Everything is just peachy. And even though Calsome teams may be better, I prefer the Sabres.

And I even tell them that I plan on getting off of the boat with them. Now that's commitment.

But now we're at the point in the movie when the ship has split in two, and again, the Sabres and I are clinging to the railing as the Titanic bobs in the water and begins to go down, down, down into the depths of ninth place, or worse.

I can only hope that they're going to rewrite the ending so that I don't have to go through the whole "I'll never let go Sabres, I'll never let go." I'd like them to be on the lifeboat with me in the end, and then we can stick it to Cal the rest of the league once we're really safe on that other ship. (I just love the part where she says her name is Rose Dawson. Wouldn't it be so wonderful to finally say that we are the best???)

But hey, Kate Winslet got what she wanted eventually, right? I mean, she got her Oscar. And if I'm Kate Winslet...

Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking.

Any who, have a nice Wednesday, friends.

Tuesday, February 17


This is the kind of team I like to see out on the ice. That team out on the ice wasn't afraid to be in your face and wasn't afraid to crash the crease.

And here's a new one, it actually worked, the Sabres won, the Leafs lost...

Go Figure.

Monday, February 16


So last night while driving on the 190 by the Aud I was greeted with this sight...

Until I saw this I guess the whole thing just didn't seem real yeah sure they were taking down the Aud, I guess I always thought I'll believe it when I see it, well I've seen it and I'm definitely believing it. This sight probably depresses me more than last night's game mainly because now you can see the bowl of the arena. How weird will it be to look off the right side of the 190 when traveling south and not see the Aud standing there? Instead we'll be treated with an unobstructed view of the arena, not that that won't be cool but it still won't make up for the fact that they are knocking down a part of my childhood. It's like when the Disney Store went out of business, they are slowly stealing all my childhood haunts one spot at a time, what will it be next shutting down Disney World?

In other news Tim Connolly has been demoted to the third line with Clarke MacArthur getting the free pass to left wing on the second and all I can say is thank god, last night I wanted to shake him, but not too hard for fear of breaking him again, because he was the worst offender of bad passing. I don't think I saw one solid pass from him the whole night, he either gave it away or shot it so wide of a player that the player had to go chasing it into the corner. I kept telling my mom that they needed to get him off the ice and sit him because he just didn't seem like his usual good passing, good stick handling self. Hopefully these lines will stick for tomorrow nights game because if Timmy gets a lot of ice time...well let's just say I don't want a repeat of last night.



a-pa-thet-ic adj. 1. having or showing little or no emotion. 2. not interested or concerned; indifferent or unresponsive: an apathetic audience.

Or, in this case, an apathetic hockey team.

Also, the little dictionary widget on my computer provides the origin of the word: apathy, which is on the pattern of pathetic.

Fitting, eh?

But let's take a look at exactly how the Sabres were apathetic last night:

A is for another game that is going to come back to bite them in the ass.

P is for Patrick Lalime giving them every chance to win, yet he apparently was the only Sabre who gave a damn.

A is for aggression, or a lack thereof.

T is for tenacity, or, again, a lack thereof.

H is for hockey game, because I'm pretty sure they forgot there was one scheduled last night.

E is for even-strength goals, of which they allowed two.

T is for time spent in their own zone, which was definitely too much, and time Tim Connolly was on the ice for one shift (over 2 minutes).

I is for increased scoring in the absence of Thomas Vanek, of which there was none.

C is for careless penalties, which is what most of them were, and careless play, in general.

So, while my love for the Sabres is undying, I too am becoming slightly apathetic after last night's debacle. I'm going to go back to baking, cleaning, and running errands... Hmmm, sounds like I'm well on my way to becoming Susie Homemaker.

Sunday, February 15


That was pitiful, I asked my mom if I could gnaw off my arm and use the bloody stump to beat myself over the head with, she said no because all the blood might scare the kids who were sitting behind us. Needless to say I was very disappointed with the way the Sabres played tonight, we should have had this game and should have come in with guns blazing. But instead of machine guns and bazookas we were forced to play with water guns or hell those cap guns my brother and I used to play with as kids.

I'm not sure what went wrong because mistakes seemed to come from everywhere, but Patrick Lalime, where have you been all my life. Honestly if it wasn't for him standing on his head for two periods the score would have been at least 5 to 0. Miller was mad that he got pulled, you want to know how I could tell? Maybe the fact that coming in from the first intermission when he saw Lalime in net he took his goalie stick and chucked it down the walkway from the locker room.

I wanted to tell Sekera that he's playing hockey not leap frog with the way he did that tuck and roll over Miller's head in the first period. Well he can look at it this way, if hockey doesn't work out he always has a future as an acrobat in the circus.

I wanted the Sabres to get angry but they sure as hell weren't playing like they were, I wanted to punch someone and I wasn't even one of the players on the ice getting my ass handed to me by a team we should have beaten blind folded and with our collective hands tied behind our backs. We were all over the place, passing was bad because the players refused to watch where they were shooting, for some reason they couldn't seem to keep the puck (when they managed to have possession) on their sticks, they kept hitting the 'Canes defense in the shins with the puck which caused a bunch of unfortunate bouncings allowing the 'Canes offense to regain possession.

One funny part of the game was when Justin Williams from the Hurricanes got hit and stuggled to make it to the bench with what looked like an arm injury. At the same time he was trying to make it to the bench the rest of his teammates on the same line where changing and other player were coming out the door that he was tryin to get through. I sit in the 300 level directly across from the opposing player's bench so that I can look down the hallway that leads to the locker room. Williams' teammates were blocking his way into the bench so that the 'Canes risked a too many men call, Williams yelled at one of these offending teammates "GET THE FUCK OFF THE ICE" which I and I'm sure just about everyone else in the arean could heard loud and clear. After Williams made it onto the bench he took his stick when he was in the hallway and swung it against the floor effectively breaking it in half, yeah he's got some anger issues.

Anyway Happy 30th Birthday Adam Mair, MJ I hope you're baking your future ex-hubby some tofu brownies because after the way the Sabres played tonight, that's about all he and the rest of the team deserve.

ETA: Forgot to mention the guy behind me in the concession stand line was saying that if he were Lindy Ruff he would be throwing and breaking things in the locker room. I turned around and told him that Lindy likes to throw the dry erase markers across the room. He asked me if I was serious and I said yeah because in last years 'What would you get Lindy Ruff for Christmas?' video Tony Lydman said he'd get Ruff some more dry erase markers because Ruff likes to cap and recap them repeatedly when he's talking (usually breaking the caps while doing so) and when he's really angry he throws the markers against the walls. I wish I could find that video somewhere but they never posted it on the Sabres website, it was hysterical some of the answers that the guys gave.

Friday, February 13


(Anne, that title is for you, by the way.)

So I had this whole big spiel I was going to go through about how much a Sabres' win would mean to this city, but right now, I'm ecstatic.

My emotions have been running on low for the past 24 hours, and to be honest, I didn't think I could feel much worse after learning about the crash of Flight 3407.

But, wow. Just, wow.

This game was absolutely fantastic!!!

I don't really have a ton of coherant thoughts for the game, but, rather, just some quips:

- Derek Roy is incredibly attractive when he's being all feisty and starting trouble with the other players and mouthing off. idk why, but he is.

- Derek also scored his 100th career goal, on the same goal that Drew Stafford notched his 100th career point. Who gets to keep the puck? I think Roy should get it... Goals are cooler than points.

- It's about time Jason Pominville nets a goal! I really think this is where he'll turn it around... And that shootout goal he had was mighty fine.

- Nathan Gerbe's play has been nothing short of foxy since he stepped foot on the ice at HSBC Arena, the Portland game included. I'm so glad he's in the blue and gold. I can't tell you how many times tonight I was wowed by his effort, his determination, and his heart. And when he had that knee-on-knee scare in overtime, I think I almost died a bit.

- Craig Rivet is my new hero. I don't care what Derek says, and I don't care about the age difference; I love him. He was just way too cute when he and the other guys were jumping around after Pommer's goal. I just love him.

- Roy had an adorable little fist pump... thing... after his shootout goal.

- I honestly thought Danny Paille scored Spacek's goal, and I really wish that he had. He did play very well, though, in his first game back, in my opinion at least.

- Did I mention that we beat the San Jose Sharks, arguably the best team in the league?

- Did I also mention that we, who are in 8th place in the East, are 2 points behind the Rangers, who are in 4th place in the East? Oh, and also that we've played them twice thus far this season, and we won both of those games?

- Looks like Lindy's method of working the power play all practice long yesterday payed off, as we went 3-for-6? As in 50%?? Let's do that more often, okay boys?

- I seem to like to refer to the Sabres as "we." Like I'm part of the team. Sweet.

- I saw Caroline (of Hockey Night in Buffalo) on TV after Pominville's game-tying goal!!

- I'm really, really, really happy about this win.

Okay. I'm going to watch Friday Night Lights (don't judge me), and go to bed, as I'm working alllll day tomorrow, 7 am to 11:30 pm. Woo. Exciting stuff.

Happy Valentine's Day friends, and same to the Sabres. =]



Okay so today I expected to come home from school and be able to work on some homework. I have 3 papers to write this weekend and even though I have Monday and Tuesday off I want to actually have the days to veg and not think about anything. I have a busy weekend planned, Sabres game tonight, Bandit's tomorrow, Mamma Mia on Sunday and then the Sabres game on Sunday, so needless to say I had today and tomorrow to work on my papers. Well I figure since today has already gone awry I might as well post because it's pretty much been guaranteed that I'm not going to be getting much done before the game.

I usually get home from school on Fridays by 12:30 but today I had a practice for a redemonstration of nursing skills that I have to complete by the end of next week so I didn't end up getting home until 2. I was home for approximately 20 minutes when my grandma called and said she couldn't get her car started and she needed a ride over to my uncle's who lives in Amherst, my grandma lives in Kenmore and I live in Tonawanda. Then before we went to my uncle's house she had to stop at the funeral home because a woman from our church died. So I spent an hour of my time not working on homework, I wasn't mad that she called because she's done so much for me but at the same time I just wanted to work on homework. Okay well back to hockey talk.

The Sabres are having a surprise autographed picture sale tonight for $20 bucks you pick a number and that number corresponds to an autographed picture of the player. Am I hoping in vain that I can get Paul's? Because I'm totally willing to shell out the $20 bucks if I can have something that he actually touched that he may have breathed on. Ooo my heart's all full of butterflies and sunshine just thinking about it.

We play San Jose tonight, let me tell you my joy is just overflowing please someone get another bucket to contain it, why does the NHL like to kick us when we're down? Not that it's their fault that Vanek got hurt and that we can't seem to beat Ottawa, but I need someone to blame so it's split between whoever the hell it was that hit Vanek with that puck and the NHL. The Sharks are 37-7-5-3 and stand 2nd in points in the NHL. The Sabres on the other hand are 8th in the Eastern Conference and are struggling to stay in the playoff run.

This is the only meeting between the Sharks and the Sabres this season and the first time that Craig Rivet comes face to face with his old teammates since donning the blue and gold when the Sabres picked him up as a UFA in the off season. As we've seen for the last few games that old feistyness that we've come to expect from Rivet has once again appeared. What will happen when Rivet comes face to face with his old teammates? Only the hockey gods know but if nothing else it should get interesting.

Wednesday, February 11


So I've watched the new opening video and while it is a great piece of cinematography I don't find it particularly moving. There's just something about it that seems lacking I don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't seem like what I've come to expect for an opening video. Maybe it is just me? Not that it isn't a great video, because it is, I guess I just wanted something more. The narrative type of video also annoys me, if they're going to do a narrative why not make one featuring the Sabres getting ready to go out for a game then go into a montage of old footage juxtaposing the old and new?

While Cari and I were at the Boston game, as much as it pains me to say it, I really liked their opening video. It started off with the early years of the team and moved up to the present showing some of the greatest highlights through the years. Would it have killed someone to look through old video footage to put together a montage?

I, personally, used to like the old opening which showed a player walking down the tunnel at the Aud, going to center ice and then pulling a sabre from a block of ice and brandishing it as the light glinted off it each night featuring a different player. I thought that video was both a tribute to the history of the Aud and so incredibly cool. I always used to have fun guessing which player it would be on a particular night. But hey I guess I'm not the management and they can do whatever the hell they want. I will admit that the Sabres players playing pond hockey with little kids was really cute.

In all honesty I think I would have preferred, and enjoyed, a video that featured some amazing plays from the teams' history. I guess I'm just not seeing the comparison between this video and the Better Days video from the 2006 playoffs they're not even in the same league as far as I'm concerned. I think both the players and the fans deserve something better. I'm sure Gaustad was disappointed in what they chose to do with the video because he was the one that told Quinn we needed to recapture the glory of the playoffs this was not it.


I guess I was being a tad bit dramatic on Monday. I don't think the world is going to end because Tommy has a seat ready for him in the press box for the next month (hopefully less); in fact, I think this will be the biggest test for the Sabres yet.

Can they win and still play well without their leading scorer?

I think so. Actually, I know so. This group of guys is phenomenal. If you think back a few years, wasn't it great seeing the young guys come up from Rochester to fill in for injured players down the stretch and even in the playoffs, and in those roles, exceeding their expectations?

Wait a minute... Weren't those young guys Derek Roy, Jason Pominville, Thomas Vanek, Paul Gaustad, and the like?

Oh yeah, they were!

So you can see why I'm not overly worried. Yes, certain guys--and I won't name names here (coughJASONPOMINVILLEcough)--certainly need to be better, but with Nathan Gerbe in the lineup, I'm quite excited.

Especially after his feisty antics last night.

You know what, I just took a phone call, and because of it, have completely lost my train of thought... Damn.

I had something really good to say, too.

Oh well. I suppose I'll post after the game if I get my psych take-home test finished up.

Monday, February 9


Is it over?

Now don't go calling me dramatic; don't say I'm going overboard and being way too worrisome. I don't want to hear it. Just give me my answer, damn it.

Is the world as I know it going to end Wednesday night?

I'm skeptical, at best, when considering where the Sabres could have ended up this year, even could still. But losing Tommy is such a huge blow, I'm not sure that we can maintain our pace without him.

He has 13 points in the last 10 games, either including or not including the game against Ottawa, in which he played only four shifts. But his 52 points in 54 games... That's what we're going to miss.

Connolly and Stafford are hot right now, and no doubt can shoulder the team for maybe the next week. We won't survive in February and early March if others--namely, Roy, Pominville, Hecht, and Paille--don't start playing to their full (and in some cases, not even half of their full) potential.

But, at the moment, I really feel a big void in my heart, because (and this is just the pessimist in me) I can see the playoffs slipping away. And I hate that, because I want to be all kinds of hopeful and positive, but I just can't be at the moment. I love me some Thomas Vanek. But what I love more is playoff hockey. Better yet, Sabres playoff hockey. So I'm going to be the typical Buffalonian now, and just have feigning hope of a chance at post-season glory.

Even so, you know I'm all secretly hoping we win it all, overcoming all adversity, and sticking it to those who said we couldn't.

So please, Derek, Drew, Jason, Jochen, Tim, and Danny, please hold on for dear life. I don't think I can take another summer without you boys.

(Oh, and Loves? How was the Catwalk For Charity? Wonderful Jill's amazing husband sent me a fabulous picture of Princess D serenading you... SO JEALOUS. I can't wait until next year! Damn cops and your following the rules and carding people...)

Sunday, February 8


Or in Vanek's case a broken jaw.

When I saw Vanek literally sprint off the ice last night two things came to mind the first being that he probably broke his nose, the second being oh he'll probably be right back in the game. Needless to say neither of those happened.

I for one want to go crawl under a rock somewhere and not come out until I know that he's going to be playing again that way I don't have to watch the Sabres implode, like they are inevitably going to, without Vanek on the roster. The question remains about how long Vanek will be out for, yes Regier said that it would be 3 to 4 weeks but players have been known to return much earlier than that from seemingly much more severe injuries. However, the opposite also applies, players have been out months with what seem to be less severe injuries. But that's enough of that talk I for one don't want to even think about the next 3 to 4 weeks without Vanek because if I do I'm going to cry and I really don't want to. Soo...I'm going to be thinking happy thoughts like puppy dogs and sunshine and the Sabres winning without TV. Please join me in thinking happy thoughts they may not be able to make you fly but hey at least it might make you feel better.

This is the rock under which I will be living,
please come and find me when this nightmare is over. KThanks.

Friday, February 6


I was at the game tonight and yes I can already hear the disgruntled complaining, well let me tell you this next week is going to be crazy. Tuesday is the Portland v. Albany game, Friday is the game against San Jose, Saturday is the Bandits game and Valentine's Day, although I don't have to worry about that, and then Sunday is Mamma Mia in the afternoon and then the Sabres game against Carolina in the evening. So basically I'm glad that I don't have any tests the week after because my life is going to be one long sports fest next week. Not that I'm complaining but still that's a lot of sports to digest even for me.

But let's talk about the here and now. Have you ever woken up in the morning and instantly been in a good mood because the Sabres won the night before? Well that's going to be me tomorrow morning and hopefully Sunday morning. I hadn't been to a Sabres game in almost a month before tonight and even though the west coast games were televised there's nothing like the atmosphere when seeing the game live and tonight was no exception. The place was chocked full of Habs fans with their accents that I find so devestatingly attractive in men anyways (my door only swings one way, to the male persuasion that is).

The oleh chant started early as in before the game even started early and was met with the booing of the Sabres fan and soon the competition started between Buffalo fans and Canadien fans. The sound system in the arena was screwed up so by the time the second period rolled around there was no music between stoppages in play, it was kind of creepy I have to tell you. I've never heard it so silent in there but never fear the Buffalo fans knew how to fill the silence with lots of let's go buffalo chants and plenty of cheering.

The game started off slow with the Canadiens dominating the first period at one point when Pominville took a shot that wasn't even close to the net the kid behind me yelled "Nice shot bitch." Now I'm not exactly sure what he was getting at here but it was still unexpected so extremly funny in any case. The first period ended with no score and the Habs up in shots on goal, depressing but true.

Anyone else think that Teppo had a big 'ol target on his back because he kept getting pasted against the board. I kept thinking that hitting Teppo was like kicking the cane out of the hand of a senior citizen, it's just not right, but I digress.

Jaro scored the Sabres' first goal, a one timer from the blue line, 26 seconds in the second in his first game back from a two game absence, I missed said goal because I was talking to my mother. Saku Koivu scored the Canadien's first goal of the game approximately 10 minutes into the second ending Miller's shutout streak. Even so, Miller remained unbeaten for 157 minutes and 13 seconds the longest streak of his career. Nathan Paetsch who was bumped to forward for the game because of the return of Spacek scored the Sabres' second goal less than two minutes after Koivu's goal putting the Sabres up by one. In his post game interview Ruff said that, because of his play in tonight's game, Paetsch might not return to defense which presents us with an interesting conundrum when everyone is healthy, who goes? But that's a discussion for another day. Second period ended with the Sabres up by a score of 2-1.

Third period was punctuated by Tim Connolly's beauty of a goal beating Carey Price 5 minutes in. But the Canadiens' Roman Hamrlik would come back to score with less than 5 minutes remaining in the game, at this point everyone's thinking it but no one is saying it, could the Sabres possibly blow a 2 goal lead? The answer is no they successfully kept the Canadien's at bay something that was sealed when the Canadiens took a tripping penalty with less than 2 minutes in the period ensuring that they would be short handed for the rest of the period, that was if they Sabres didn't score on the power play. In the end the Sabres won the game 3-2 tying them with Philadelphia with 61 points in the Eastern Conference and staying 3 points in front of the Panthers for 7th place.

Best Last Name of the Game: Bouillion. I kid you not every time I saw him all I could think was Chicken or Beef?
Best Player of the Game: Miller, because once again he turned a game, that we should have lost, into a win with some of his fantastic saves that we've come to expect from him.

Thursday, February 5


Again, I realize I've been a terrible blogger, but once again I fell (sort of) ill, and was helping Kim house/dog sit at a house where they don't have wireless internet. I therefore had to become a "bandwidth theif" as my brother likes to call them, and had to leech off their neighbors, which didn't work out too well. I was able to change my Facebook status, check my email, and IM my brother for about a minute, and then I gave up trying to find a wireless connection that didn't require a password. FAIL.

But the Sabres? PASS!!!

(But that doesn't mean you, Derek Roy, because you most definitely need to SHOOT.)

Seriously, though?? How good has this team been? And I'll be the first to admit that I expected to lose that game last night. I didn't think that, having just traveled cross-country the day before, and having just played the Western Conference teams, that the Sabres would have the energy. And really, who could blame them had they not? Not only that, though, but we were playing Toronto. Now, I know the Leafs aren't exactly daunting when you consider the standings, but I've gone to more than my fair share of Buffalo/Toronto games to know that they're crazy ridiculous. It's usually a very high-tempo, spirited game between the players, as well as the battles in the stands.

But last night? Were the Sabres playing some high school team from Toronto? Because that was probably the worst example of a game between such bitter rivals that I've ever witnessed. I didn't mind it at all, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying it was, well, a disappointment of sorts. I miss those really rough and tumble Leaf games that Rob Ray and Brad May were reminiscing of...

Anyways, back to my point.

Drew Stafford. Sick goal, babe. There's really nothing else I can say about it. And that interview was just precious. I looked over at Kim while he was talking and just said, "Kim, my friend, this is what I want in a man. A really dry, witty sense of humor, from a guy who doesn't give a damn what people think about him, and just tells it like it is. That's what I want." Well, alright, maybe he should give a damn, but you know what I mean... I hope.

Thomas Vanek. What is there left to say? This man is outrageous. He never ceases to amaze me. I thought for sure he was going to try to deke on his one goal, but that sniper, top shelf, totally caught me off guard. Wow, Tommy... Wow. And to think, we almost lost you. I almost hate to think where we might be right now if we had... Whew, I just got chills, actually...

Tim Connolly. The man is on FIRE. 5 goals in 5 games; in the 12 games since his latest return from injury, he has 8 goals and 11 points, which gives him 18 points in 18 games on the season. Nice. This is why we need this guy healthy and in the lineup. It is essential. Enough said.

Ryan Miller. Hot. Damn. Love this guy. I love shut outs. They're fantastic, and he's fantastic.

And do you know what else is FANTASTIC??

Not only did Teppo hit the ice again last night, but Jaro and Jochen will be back on Fridayyyyyy!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Okay, so in regards to the title, I have a story to tell. Now, I'm not going to lie, I feel like I have to share this story because Anne, from Sabretooth's House, mentioned that the Leafs have some damn good looking fans.

I can definitely attest to that.

Last March, over Spring Break, I traveled to Tampa, Florida with my brother and Kim to hit the beach (and take in a Tampa/Washington game, of course). On the way back to Buffalo, though, is when I had the most fun.

Whilst waiting in the baggage-check line in the Tampa airport, I happened to notice a svelte young man further down the line, holding goalie sticks and a hockey bag. So that peaked my interest immediately (okay, so maybe I do have jersey chaser tendencies). But what kinda killed it at the same time... He was wearing a Leafs hat.

Now, the Sabres were playing Boston that evening, and if you all remember, it was quite the effort for the Sabres to get into the playoffs, and we needed help from other teams. I can't really remember if Toronto was in the running at all, but I don't really have the time to look into right now either.

But what I did was try my hardest for him to overhear me loudly talking about the Sabres in line. And in the terminal, as he was on our flight.

If, though, you think back to my post when Kim and I were in Boston (a bit ironic, don't you think?), I'm not the confrontational type.

So, even though he walked onto the plane right behind us, and I'm sure he heard me, he didn't say a word. I was a tad bit disappointed, but I got over it.

My brother didn't want to sit with us on the plane, which was fine by me, so Kim and I went to the last row on one side, and he to the other (we flew Southwest). Kim took the window seat, so I took the middle one, because there were just too many people on the flight to be stingy and leave a seat open. This cute little old man sat down next to me because there was only one other empty seat (next to hot Toronto fan) and he allowed his wife to sit there with the fine young gentleman.

But, like I said, he was a gentleman. Goalie got up from his seat, approached the man who had sat next to me, and said, "Sir, would you like to sit with your wife?"

I DIED. I do a lot of that, I'm sure you've noticed. I have more lives than a cat.

So I watched whatever movie he was watching on the way home, and while at the baggage claim, Kim scoped out his baggage for his name. I forget what it is though... Something with Thomas, but I don't remember if that was his first name or last name.

That was a fun day.

And then I saw him at UB like, two weeks later. And he said hey and smiled like he remembered me. Weird.

So that was story time. Be sure to check out the Tim Connolly and Mike Milbury drama over at Puck Daddy. Pretty entertaining shit.

Monday, February 2


Okay, so I realize that I've become very neglectful of my dear blog. And I apologize for that.

But I'm trying this new thing for me, where I'm actually going to study regularly on my own time, and not just pay attention in class. That worked out well for me in high school, but I can't say it's doing much the same in college. So, in order to not waste my $354.50 that I had to pay in tuition this semester, I'm actually taking the time to do my reading and take my own notes.

Sad, right?

But school also messed up my blogging schedule. Last semester, my earliest class was at 10, which still left me plenty of time to wake up early, blog, get ready, and then be on my way. This time around? No. I decided that I wanted to get all of my school out of the way so I could have all afternoon and evening to myself. So, being the genius that I am, I made my Tuesday/Thursday schedule so that I go in at 8, and I'm done at 12:15. Wednesdays are a bit tedious, in that my lab starts at 9, but my last class lets out at 3:50.

For that reason, I'm not blogging nearly as much as I used to. I just have too many things on my plate once I get home from school, or I go somewhere... You know how it is. And it's not like I can even blog in between classes, because T/Th, I only have 15 minutes breaks, and Wednesday I have an hour and a half, but that's my lunch time (I only have two classes that day).

And then there's the whole work issue.

I used to be able to blog at work. The past few games I was going to, but out of the 12 patients I have, eight of them decided to come down with the stomach flu this week. Yeah, so I didn't really have time to blog, much less eat my dinner, because they all decided to get violently ill during my down time. Thankfully that wasn't during the Sabres game. Well, no, I actually did miss the first period of the Phoenix game. Kim and my mom were blowing up my phone about Paetsch and ridiculous calls, and I had no clue what they were talking about.



I'm back... At least, for the time being.

Thus far, I can't really complain about the west coast trip. Yes, we lost to Calgary, but we also walked all over Edmonton, and won a tough game against Phoenix. I can't really comment on the meat of the games, though, because I was in a stupor during the Oilers game, and at work for the 'yotes. The Flames game, though.. I don't even remember where I was. Well, it was Wednesday, so I guess I was home. But, again, in a stupor.

But what I can say is DAY-YUM.

Don't even get me started on Tim Connolly. I FREAKING LOVE THIS MAN, STD's included. If they've helped to make him the hockey star that he is, I'll take it. He's been absolutely phenomenal the past couple weeks, and I will be absolutely devastated if anything happened to him now. But I did freak out when they were stitching up his lip. All in all, though, he just won't be able to kiss any of the puckbunnies, or anything along those lines.

This, though, was my cousin's Facebook status, in regards to Timmy C:

(Sorry, Shelby... I wasn't knocking Tommy, you know I love him. I just love Timmy more.)

So basically, enough said. Thanks, Todd.

And Nathan Paetsch??

Dang, when did he get so feisty??

I'm not going to lie; I like it.

And Ryan Miller has been so foxy in net, and foxy on his living room couch, and just foxy in general.

Watch this, and you'll see what I mean. It's basically everything that was in the TBN on Sunday, but I just like how cute he looks in the video.

Yeahhh, and Derek's assist one Drew's goal was pretty sexy as well. Just like Drew's play as of late.

Oh, and Patty K, Patty K, PATTY K!!!! Way to cause a ruckus in your first game back! That's why I love you. Oh, and not to mention how adorable you were in your interview:

Who could punch this face??

Oh, wait... Denis Gauthier could. Funny thing, though, is that he's being told to report to a disciplinary hearing with Gary Bettman. Aww, shucks, Denis. Looks like you can't get away with being an asshole forever!

And in other NHL news, Ottawa has *finally* fired their coach. I mean, when did the rumors start for real? I know I wrote about it back in... Oh, wait, nevermind. I can't find it, but I believe it was back in the beginning of January when we doubled up on them, 4-2. Sucks to be you, Craig Hartsburg. But I find sick enjoyment in Ottawa's struggles, myself. I think I'm getting to the point where I hate the Sens more than the Leafs...

Alright, so my plan for this evening is to do some Psychology reading, watch the St. Louis/Detroit game tonight, and then the Sabres game at 10. It might kill me, but I might have to go to bed before the end of the game. I'm not sure if I can run on four hours of sleep again...

I will most definitely be back tomorrow, though. I promise. Even if it is at four in the afternoon. xoxo.