Monday, February 9


Is it over?

Now don't go calling me dramatic; don't say I'm going overboard and being way too worrisome. I don't want to hear it. Just give me my answer, damn it.

Is the world as I know it going to end Wednesday night?

I'm skeptical, at best, when considering where the Sabres could have ended up this year, even could still. But losing Tommy is such a huge blow, I'm not sure that we can maintain our pace without him.

He has 13 points in the last 10 games, either including or not including the game against Ottawa, in which he played only four shifts. But his 52 points in 54 games... That's what we're going to miss.

Connolly and Stafford are hot right now, and no doubt can shoulder the team for maybe the next week. We won't survive in February and early March if others--namely, Roy, Pominville, Hecht, and Paille--don't start playing to their full (and in some cases, not even half of their full) potential.

But, at the moment, I really feel a big void in my heart, because (and this is just the pessimist in me) I can see the playoffs slipping away. And I hate that, because I want to be all kinds of hopeful and positive, but I just can't be at the moment. I love me some Thomas Vanek. But what I love more is playoff hockey. Better yet, Sabres playoff hockey. So I'm going to be the typical Buffalonian now, and just have feigning hope of a chance at post-season glory.

Even so, you know I'm all secretly hoping we win it all, overcoming all adversity, and sticking it to those who said we couldn't.

So please, Derek, Drew, Jason, Jochen, Tim, and Danny, please hold on for dear life. I don't think I can take another summer without you boys.

(Oh, and Loves? How was the Catwalk For Charity? Wonderful Jill's amazing husband sent me a fabulous picture of Princess D serenading you... SO JEALOUS. I can't wait until next year! Damn cops and your following the rules and carding people...)


Jill said...

I'm sorry Love... next year. Adam almost knocked me down the stairs if that makes you feel better. And I got shoved by Toni. So I was abused slightly... and some jerk off stepped on my toe 3 times in less than 5 minutes tore my $28 pantyhose... didn't apologize once... I told Jay if we didn't move right then I was going to punch him. But other than that... :)

Frostee said...

I can see the playoffs slipping away
NO! We MUST remain POSITIVE! Because if I start worrying about them not making the playoffs, no one will be happy.

And hey, no worries about missing Catwalk. I haven't ever been able to go either and I'm sure it's TOTALLY overrated.

No. I am lying. Every year when people tell me they would have gotten my tickets for my birthday if not for the age cutoff I want to punch them.

Shelby Rose said...

I am another person not wanting you to feel bad for not being able to go to the Catwalk. I have about four years left until I can go...since Ryan likes to have it before February 17th. RYAN, THE YEAR I TURN 21 WAIT UNTIL AFTER MY BIRTHDAY THAT YEAR, THANKS.

This is an understatement for me, but the loss of Thomas is huge to this team, obviously. I can't imagine a game without watching his body in front of the opposing goalie on the power play. ); Or him tipping in a goal. Oh my God, there's going to be none of THAT for three to four weeks, noooooo!

But I refuse to lose hope in this team. Thomas was a team player...he knows he isn't the only one making a difference. Now it's time for other guys to do their parts and step up, too.