Thursday, February 26

Musical Goal Crease, Anyone?

So I'm absolutely sure that, by now, you've all heard about the trials and tribulations of the Sabres in net, which are absolutely atrocious at the moment.

Here's our depth chart for netminders:

Ryan Miller (ankle sprain)
Patrick Lalime (flu)
Adam Dennis (hip, surgery)
Jhonas Enroth
John DeCaro (broken collarbone)

Oh, and there are two others (Bradley Eidsness, who is playing for the University of North Dakota, and Nick Eno, who plays for Bowling Green), but since neither of the two have pro contracts, I don't know what it would take to get the co-eds up here (Eno just turned 20, by the way, and Eidsness is only 19).

But that provides us with quite the quandary of who might end up in net this evening, if Lalime cannot play, and if (God, please, no) should Enroth go down.

There are three situations that would happen to the Sabres tonight if I were Lindy Ruff:

(1) Lalime is miraculously better, and suits up, 100%, and Enroth backs him up. (Best possible scenario.)

(2) Since Lalime is good enough to play, but not 100%, start Enroth, but have Lalime assume his usual position on the bench as team cheerleader.

(3) If Lalime is a no-go, put Enroth in net.

Who would play second-string in Number 3, you ask?? No one.

That's right; I said no one.

Think about this for a minute: Each team is allowed to dress 20 players, goalies included, right? Well, what if we only dressed one goalie? Then we could dress 19 skaters.

I specifically remember asking questions about this scenario to my parents many, many times when I was younger. In fact, I can hear myself up in Section 325, looking down at Dominik Hasek in net, Martin Biron on the bench, turning to my father and asking, "What happens if Dom and Marty get hurt in the same game?"

His answer? "One of the other guys would have to play goalie."

So that's why I say that. Hey, for all we know, Enroth could steal the show. I honestly think that could be the most interesting thing to happen in a hockey game in a while. I mean, who plays with only one goalie?

Because I don't necessarily trust any of our defensemen to play goal all that well, so why waste them as a benchwarmer?

Seriously, would you want Lydman, Tallinder, Paetsch, or anyone, for that matter, between the pipes with the way they've been playing lately? I sure as Hell wouldn't.

But if it came down to it, I say put the biggest body in the net, if necessary. None of these guys really have experience playing goal, let alone against Eric Staal and the Hurricanes. (Is Mike Ryan still with them? I'm too lazy to look right now...) So put the guy with the most meat in there and more net is covered.

My, my, my, this could become quite comical. I think I'm kind of glad I won't be home to see anything until the third period...


Shelby Rose said...

Or they could put Derek in net...I mean, there are those pictures from way long ago of the Sabres during practice during the 06-07 playoffs and him and Chris Drury were pretending to be goaltenders for a little bit.

S.A.M. said...

I know in the minors- and I think the NHL too- You HAVE to dress a goalie. Doesn't matter if he's the bus driver or some bum on the street. someone must be on the bench as backup. In the case of needing a goalie tonight, the boys could call up some random kid from the minor leagues or somebody in NC, who is an "emergency backup" for just this situation.

I guess we'll see what happens..

Jill said...

I am willing to bet Patty will dress as the back up even if he doesnt feel well. But if he feels well enough to play, he will.

Years ago the rumor was Jay McKee was the emergency back-up. But that was all rumor. Who knows who it is now.

Ryan Miller's ankle... you best get better soon.

Jill said...

Well looking at the Sabres Edge they say It was Rob Ray... so I dunno. I can't imagine Ray dressing in goalie gear. LOL!

dani said...

In the wise words of Barney Stinson... "SUIT UP!"

Our sound guy doesn't happen to be an ex-goalie does he? I can just hear Rob Ray yelling, "Joe! Joe! I don't care. You need to play goal!"

Cari said...

@Shelby Rose: True, and he did look adorable as a goalie. But, I dare say we need him more on offense than as goalie. He'd probably be pretty bad.

@S.A.M.: Okay, you may be right (and I didn't check or anything), but I like my idea better. =]

@Jill: I was just saying this if Lalime were too sick to play. I think even if he's like, 50%, he'll be backup. And I would pay to see Jay McKee play goalie. Oh, and Rob Ray as goalie would be even better.

@dani: Oh, Rob and his yelling at the sound guys and producers! I don't think one game goes by without it!!

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