Saturday, November 1

Tim Connolly, Take One

Well, Timmy Baby, welcome back.

I've missed you, as you well know.  And as I told Jael earlier today, I'd like to wear my jersey of yours my beloved #19 in Boston IN ONE WEEK with some sort of dignity and pride, so you'd best be on your best behavior keep your head up and stay away from any other player, errant pucks, and the boards, in general.

It's best to be on guard, darling.  So take heed.  For my sake.

I've had a really shitty day, seeing as I worked with the biggest bitch ever from 11 pm yesterday until 7 am this morning, my phone started acting all wonky and turned the picture to the left, which happens to be my wallpaper, all green and red (it's not December yet, last I checked), and I found that I really did lose my passport.  So yeah.  Please don't get hurt; it'll kill me.

And A SABRES WIN WOULD BE FANTASTIC, especially seeing as I'm heading back to work with that one again as soon as the final horn sounds.  Yay.

I might post later tonight, but probably not, so most likely tomorrow afternoon, whenever I get my butt out of bed.

Go get 'em boys.


Jael said...

He's got a point and isn't a minus so far!

Cari said...

He's got a point and isn't a minus so far!

AHHHHA I love him.. Probably a little bit too much, considering how much of a womanizer he is. But all that is forgiven tonight! And is it wrong for me to get really anxious every time he's on the ice, and brace myself for the oncoming(?) hits every shift, even if they aren't coming?