Thursday, November 6

Funny Story...

So this afternoon, while Kim and I were venturing around Boston in the rain, we decided to enjoy a late lunch at Cheer's.

After our waiter (who boasted a slight resemblance to our beloved Paul Gaustad) took our order, I pulled out my phone to check my e-mail.

In my inbox, I saw this:

Kiss985Contest:  "Derek Roy/Vitamin Water"

I'm like, "What's this???"

So I open it up, and I literally gasp like I just saw Tim Connolly get laid out.  This is what I read:

Congratulations Cari!  You have won a case of Vitamin Water for your Derek Roy question.  We just need your contact information for our records.  Please reply with your address, phone number, and date of birth.  You can pick up your prize at 500 Corporate Parkway in Amherst (off of Maple Road) Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.


I basically threw my phone at Kim and called my mother to tell her, and to have her and my father listen to the Derek Roy Report online, because, being in the middle of downtown Boston, and my computer being about 25 miles south in Norwell, I couldn't very well do that.


Anyways, my mom listened, and said he thought my question was funny.  SO DEREK THINKS I'M FUNNY.  Which is good, because I am.  Or so I've heard.

You can listen to my question here.  Gaaaa I'm really excited about this.  It pretty much made my life.

And I wonder what flavors my case of Vitamin Water is going to contain...  And I wonder if a Derek Roy autograph is going to accompany my fluid intake for the month...


We scoped out the area around Boston Commons to see where the Ritz (the Sabres' hotel) was, and we kinda sorta found it; it's not too hard, but we only saw the awning.  And since we won't be in Boston too much tomorrow, as we'll be in Portland(!!!!!!!), we at least have an idea of where to find our boys tomorrow.

And I can pretty much guess that Derek will be spending his off time on Newbury Street.  We'll have to meet up so he can buy me that Chanel coat that I want, along with the one from Juicy Couture and that Hermes bag.  Yeah, that'd be good.  I'd give him a fair trade in a case of Vitamin Water...  =]

Pirates pictures tomorrow!!

And it has come to my knowledge that our dear Timmykins is hurt again?  But that he's supposed to play tomorrow?  I'll believe it when I see it.  Seriously though, someone needs to call me tomorrow night and tell me if he's actually playing.  Because I need to know if I can wear my jersey with dignity on Saturday, or if I'm going to be ashamed of the name on my back...


Jill said...

YAY FOR YOU!!! That's super bad ass!

Jill said...

I thought it was exciting when Miller answered my question when he was blogging the playoffs... you got an answer and a case of Vitamin water YUM!

Cari said...

you got an answer and a case of Vitamin water YUM!

Yeah, except I can't get it 'til Monday, seeing as I won't be anywheres near Amherst, NY until Sunday night. I wonder what flavors I'll get...

Jill said...

Maybe Love Potion #9... LMAO!!!

Cari said...

Maybe Love Potion #9... LMAO!!!


dani said...

They used my question once when Danny Briere was here, but I didn't get anything. I asked who his favorite accent was. He said Spacek!!!! Mine too!!!