Wednesday, March 11


Let's not talk about last night's game, because it will just upset me some more.

I think I've pretty much come to the point in the Sabres season where I have realized that they're toast, finished, finito, done. You name it.

Usually, I don't like to give up any shred of hope until the fat lady has sung and Elvis has left the building. I'm the one girl who will walk around town, the day after the Sabres are done playing, in her Sabres shirt, telling everyone off for being pessimistic about the season that just ended and the one beginning in a few months.

What should people call me? A diehard optimistic Sabres fan. We're pretty much a rare breed. In fact, I think we're on the top of the endangered species list, which makes the odds terrible for me since I have red hair. (My friend Andy likes to remind me all the time that redheads are dying out. This is also why he said I need to marry Brian Campbell and procreate with him, just so that we can repopulate the planet with little freckled, redheads with ringlets. I'm down.)

So when Thomas Vanek broke his jaw, I'll admit that I overreacted even by my standards. Miller and the rest of the guys were playing good hockey at that point in time, so I figured we'd be alright.

But then Miller got hurt, and my optimism took another shot.

And then Lalime's kids brought the flu home from daycare.


And now who has the flu?


Yes, the same Tim Connolly who just played 27 games in a row, which just so happens to be a really long string comparable to the past few seasons. So of course he would be one of the three guys sitting out of practice today (the other two were Hecht and Afinogenov). I'm just oh, so thrilled.

Whatever though, because I'm going to the game with Kim and S(h)ara tomorrow night!! And M.J. is coming to town tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Weeee so excited!!

I can't wait. =]


Frostee said...

Have fun at the game!! You MUST boo Campbell for me. Please.

Shelby Rose said...

Jeez, is everyone going to the game tomorrow? I am too!

Cari said...

You MUST boo Campbell for me. Please.

I will, just don't tell Derek, alright? I don't think he'd be too pleased with me booing a member of our wedding party. And that's not by my choosing, either.

Cari said...

Jeez, is everyone going to the game tomorrow? I am too!

Where are you going to be sitting?? Maybe we'll have a chance to meet up! Better yet, text me or something, okay dear???

Shelby Rose said...

318. (: My stepdad and I are going so maybe we can get a chance to meet up somewhere!

Cari said...

so maybe we can get a chance to meet up somewhere!

Oooh!! We'll be in the first row of 315!

Shelby Rose said...

AWESOME! I will make sure to look out for you girls then! :D

Cari said...

I will make sure to look out for you girls then!

Yayyy!! Come visit!

Anonymous said...

What is Derek Roys Facebook name?! i can not find him on there.. or do you know any of the sabres facebooks pleasee...

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