Wednesday, March 4


Okay so this post is completely unrelated to the trade deadline because I needed something to do besides frantically hitting the refresh button every 3 seconds waiting for more trade news. (Side note: I'm glad we got another goalie but at the same time I have to wonder if this is the Sabres way of telling us that Miller's going to be out for a longer time than most of us anticipated. At least now they can send Enroth back to Portland in favor of someone who's had some NHL experience. Okay that's the last of the trade talk for this post anyway).

I was cruising around and stumbled on these pictures which I happened to find hilarious. I think every girl blogger has at one time been accused of being a puck bunny, I however have gotten over the fact and actually find it funny.

A puck with bunny ears? Why did I never think of this?

This one pretty much speaks for itself.

Then me in my infinite wisdom decided to go to to see what their definition of a puck bunny was, it came up with these.

1. a woman who goes to hockey games for the sole purpose of fucking one of the players (the classic definition which doesn't really apply to me).

2. A female, typically in her late teens to early 30s (but it can go lower) who attends hockey games, not to see a well fought game, or to see 2 goons duke it out, but just to look at the studly hockey players in the hoping that one night they'll roll over and see them in their bed, or in his bed, and has little or no interest in the sport or the score, and when a hockey player is brought up in coversation, will commonly use the words "tight, cute, sexy, ass, arms, shoulders" at any point in 1 sentence. (Okay well...this one I won't even get into because the last part most definitely applies to me and most of the conversations I have about hockey players. DON'T JUDGE ME, DON'T YOU DARE)

Sabres game tonight, there's talk that Tellqvist could start on Friday against his former team, could be interesting, I'm sure he'd be quite fired up in net if he did.



dani said...

HAHA! Rinkum Skeezius.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Rinkum Skeezius.

I read that and couldn't stop laughing.

Caroline said...

I love Urban Dictionary.

I think every girl blogger has at one time been accused of being a puck bunny, I however have gotten over the fact and actually find it funny.

Hell yeah. I was a puck bunny for Halloween. It was awesome.

Shelby Rose said...


Buuut I think it will be interesting if Tellqvist does play against his former team on Friday. Veeery interesting. If the Sabres ended up playing better in front of him than they do Lalime, then color me confused.

Cari said...

See!! We're not complete puck bunnies. Like we always say, the hot guys are just an added bonus!! It's not our fault that the guys who go play hockey are hot.

Cari said...

Also, are we just supposed to ignore the fact that they are??

Shelby Rose said...

I mean, we are women...

Jill said...

Hey we can enjoy the boys right? But still... we KNOW hockey.

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