Friday, September 19

Exciting news and all that jazz

So as most of you probably already know, unless you've been living under a rock since yesterday and you haven't read the previous post. The Buffalo Sabres have signed Jason Pominville to a 5 year contract worth a reported 26.5 million dollars. That's right folks a 5 year contract, which will keep him in Buffalo to the 2013-2014. Not bad for a team that 2 years ago let two of our biggest players walk without so much as a "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

So what has been accomplished this off season according to the Buffalo News let us recap:

  • Ryan Miller was signed to a 5 year contract worth 31.25 million dollars.
  • We finally have a dependable (that has yet to be seen) backup goalie with Patrick Lalime.
  • We got Craig Rivet who is supposed to add some much needed aggressiveness to the blue line.
  • And because we seem to like shorter players here in Buffalo we finally got some height with 8 players selected averaging 6-foot-2.
So overall it hasn't been a bad off season, much better than last, and definitely, infinitely better than the disaster two years ago.

Speaking of tall new players an article in the paper this morning said that when he reported to training camp Tyler Myers the 6-foot-7 giant drafted this summer had gained 15 pounds, which seems like a lot but considering how tall he is he only weighs 215. I'm sure during games of hide and seek the newbies are playing at the Hyatt all he has to do is turn sideways to have the perfect hiding spot.
Nathan Gerbe: Has anyone seen Tyler??? I've been looking for him for like an hour.

While Tyler's weight might be an issue, in all other aspects of the game trainers and coaches alike had nothing but good things to say about him. Even Bucky Gleason, who at times I wonder if he has a nice bone in his body, said nothing to put down our gentle giant.


  • Miller, Pominville and Vanek for 6 years
  • Roy for 5 years
  • Hecht and Gaustad for 4 years
  • Rivet for 3 years
  • And of course Paille, Stafford, Weber and Sekera are all sure to have long term contracts in their futures.
I have to say I think that I'm more excited for this season to start than any other season, because there's no uncertainty left, everyone who deserves to stay is staying and we don't have to worry about the dreaded words Free Agency.

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