Monday, September 29

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

NO ONE can tell me that Tim Connolly isn't hurt anymore, BECAUSE HE IS!

I just KNEW he couldn't last a couple practices without hurting his delicate self.  Now, don't get me wrong; we all should know by now that I am positively in LOVE with Timothy (Michael?) Connolly.  I just think he's positively ridiculous...  Wait, just like me!

But anyways, I woke up at 1:00 pm today, after working from 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon til 7:00 am this morning (yuck)***.  I proceeded to immediately inform the household that no one is to occupy the shower at 2:00 pm because I absolutely NEED a shower before, wait for it, going back to work (double yuck)!  You might ask why would I want to work over 40 hours a week, every week, from now until early November?  Because Kim and I are going on quite possibly the most AMAZING road trip EVER!!!  We're driving from Kenmore all the way up to Mike Ryan's stomping grounds to stay with my Aunt for 5 days, during which we'll be taking in a Sabres/Bruins game, and booking it up to Portland to catch a Pirates game.

I picked up the TBN almost immediately after I woke up, and could not stop laughing when I read this:

 Other than Adam Mair, who has missed the entire preseason with a knee injury, Connolly is the only player who didn't play in either weekend home game.  Connolly is nursing a sore back and was held out as a precaution.  Connolly did, however, practice at full speed both Saturday and Sunday, taking part in the session with the roughly 25 players not dressing for the game.  Ruff said he should play this week.  The Sabres return to action with a rematch Wednesday at Minnesota.

Why am I not surprised?  Oh...  Wait.  It's because Timmy is like a balled-up and pocketed tissue in the world of washing machines.  Lindy may as well re-institute the guidelines used last year when Tim sat out the practices and played every other game.  Or just sub him in on the power play, because that is obviously lacking in his absence.

Anywho, the Sabres lost.  Again.  Am I surprised, no.  Am I disappointed, sort of.  Over the years my parents have taught me not to get too attached emotionally to the Sabres.  I wish they really could've prevented me from doing so, because it ABSOLUTELY KILLS ME WHEN THEY LOSE.  But right now it's just the preseason, and the preseason is the preseason for a reason.  And anyways, it's never a sign of things to come.  I mean, a couple of seasons ago we were undefeated in the PS, and Adam Mair was our leading scorer, but we didn't win the cup, and Adam Mair is still roughing it on the fourth line.  Don't get me wrong, I want them to win.  But I'd rather they save their wins for October all the way through June.  I can live with a few loses now.

AND MY POOR DANNY AND PAUL!!!  I'll bet you anything that Dan shows up to practice showing off his big ol' bruise to everyone (and by everyone, I mean Clarke, Timmy K, Drew, and the other little ones), and is now becoming the God of Tough Guys in their eyes.  And how cute was Paul to step in for Adam as the guardian and risking his health in order to protect him???  Cue the big collective AWWWwwwww.  In all seriousness, they need to heal their bruised leg and jammed thumb, and get their asses back ASAP.

And can I just say how much I hate the love/hate relationship I have with shootouts?  I think they're incredibly exciting, I JUST HATE OVERTIME AND SHOOTOUTS.  They're just so...  Oh, I don't know the word, but I hate the fact that we can lose in a heartbeat, but I looooooove it when we win!!!  Like Saturday, it was a beautiful thing.  Last night, I wanted to throw my radio on the floor at work, but I figured that might make a bit too much noise and would wake my residents up.

Okay, well I'm going to go back to work now, so you can all have a nice evening, and I'll be spending my time NOT watching Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill, and instead I'll be earning money to go to Boston!

Oh, and by the way, this is going to seem extra ridiculous, but today is the one year anniversary of Tim Connolly smiling at me, and, looking me in the eye, telling me to "have a good one."  Swoon.  See, I don't get it.  His power over women is completely and entirely inexplicable.


Jill said...

Hmmm... I wonder how Timmy-ho hurt his back?

Anonymous said...

Three things:

You're nuts.

We both need some serious help.

And we're going to BOSTON!!!!

Cari said...


Three things

LOVE!!!!!!! I've finally accepted the fact that I'm nuts, because you're nuts with me, and we're going to go to relationship counseling together (I think) or marriage counseling (the couples version, where we bring Derek and Paul with us), and WE'RE GOING TO BOSTON!!!! Haha, I think it's funny that my aunt said we have to share a bed. Like that matters between best friends like us?

Cari said...

I wonder how Timmy-ho hurt his back?

I'm curious, but I'm sure it would disgust me if I knew. Or, at least, the thoughts of what it could be scare me, and that makes me not want to know. Basically, curiosity killed the cat, and I don't feel like dying.

GG said...

If Tim is injured then why was he at Snooty Fox on Sunday drinking massive quantities of alcohol and making a scene. All of his teammates were staring at him like they couldnt believe it. At one point he was even laying on the bar floor. If you are too hurt to play then you should be too hurt to go to a bar and drink!


Cari said...

If Tim is injured then why was he at Snooty Fox on Sunday drinking massive quantities of alcohol and making a scene. All of his teammates were staring at him like they couldnt believe it. At one point he was even laying on the bar floor. If you are too hurt to play then you should be too hurt to go to a bar and drink!

SHUT UP!!!! NO WAY!!! I knew he was faking. I've seriously just lost a lot of my interest in him. Which is amazing, in itself, because I've loved him since he became a Sabre. But yuck! What a tool.

GG said...

I'm not sure if he is 'faking', but in my opinion, if you have a sore back then you wouldn't be out and about until 4:30am pounding shot after'd be focused on getting better and actually playing.

Jill said...

WHAT!?! On the bar floor??? Oh geez! Timmy-Ho! Time for you to go away.

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