Sunday, September 14

It's hockey season, bitches!!

So I've wanted to start a Sabres blog for a really long time now, especially since I read My Safety is Harvard and Sabretooth's House pretty much everyday.  And I figured, what better time than he start of the new season?

I tend to be a bit psychotic when it comes to the Sabres, but that's only because I consider my life to have two seasons:  summer and hockey, which is basically all there is in Buffalo.  Therefore, I pretty much spend my free time during the winter doing everything I can to find some bit of new information about the Sabes, or some ridiculous picture of at least one of them, or trying to find at least one of them while around town (I don't have that much free time, though).

Inspired a bit by Gossip Girl (I can't lie), I don't want to be a stalker, but I think it's beneficial to know where our favorite guys of fall, winter, and spring hang out when they're not on the ice, and maybe get to know them a little, so that if we do happen to strike up a conversation with them, it's not going to be about Jason's System or Tommy's contract he may or may not deserve, but it could be about more than Derek's terrible clothes, Paul's green endeavors, or Tim's sex life.  Hence, I'm employing all of you to send me anything you know about the Sabres' whereabouts (barring anything too personal), including in-the-moment-sighting-cell-phone-picture tips.  Those are the best.  =]  And they can go to

And of course I'll actually talk hockey on here.  I'm not some girl who only watches hockey for the hot guys, and I didn't get into hockey because my boyfriend likes hockey, and I'm not a huge Sabres fanatic just because all of Buffalo became fans when they made the playoff runs a few years ago.  I have to defend myself a little bit, because no one seems to believe that I actually like hockey.  They're right.  I don't like hockey; I love hockey.  I've been going to Sabres games since I was about 4 years old, sitting in one of the top rows in the Orange at the Aud.  Yuck.  But whatever.  I rarely miss a game, and if I do, I have everyone I know keeping me updated.  So the hot guys are just a welcomed bonus.

But let's just say that I'm so excited for this season...

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