Tuesday, September 16

Sticks are meant to be on the ice, not in the seats.

Take a gander at this.

I'm all for second chances, but I think this is a bit extreme.  If it were enough to punish him for intentionally throwing his stick--into the crowd where, hey!, there are fans sitting and watching hockey--by suspending him for life from the ECHL, I'm not so sure that he should be back.  I'm sure that was a heat of the moment thing, but then again, Chris Simon, Chris Simon (twice, I know), and Chris Pronger would know a thing about that.

This story makes me think of a Buffalo/Toronto game I attended when I was a kid; I forget what happened, but somehow Wendyl Clark's stick ended up in about the fifth row in the stands.  He was being a whiney bitch about it, and eventually demanded that the fan who caught it throw it back to him.  When this happened, apparently Matt Barnaby was outraged.  He, sitting on the Buffalo bench, got up and grabbed one of his own sticks, skated across the ice, and tossed that one to the fan.  That's Class (notice, with a capital C).

Now, on a completely different subject, Kim and I were picking up a few things at the Amherst Street Wegmans yesterday evening, when walking by the beer section we pass this guy who I absolutely SWORE was Paul Gaustad.  It wasn't, unfortunately, but it had to have been his evil twin.  He looked just like Paul did with his playoff beard, but we figured it probably wasn't him before we passed again because, despite his similar height, he was hunched over a bit, carrying crappy beer, and was wearing Tommy Hilfiger khakis (I just think Paul would have a better label on his environmentally-friendly self).

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