Wednesday, September 24

Sabres Preseason Woes

So the Sabres have lost their first preseason what? It's not actually real hockey season so it frustrates me to no end that people keep saying that this season is going to end up like the last. Get a clue people, the team that is playing now is the not the team that is going to start the season. That's why it's called the preseason, it's a chance for the coaches to see who works well together and to get a feel for the new guys.

So anyway, something that I found extremely funny last night while listening to the game was the fact that Jeanerette decided to announce that they had a moose alarm on the bus that took the players from the airport to Roberval, Quebec.


How hilarious is that? Because we all know that the moose sit on the side of the road just waiting for a big ol' bus to come rolling down the street, saying "hey guys let's see if this one has an alarm...Aw man it does that's no fun, lets wait for another one."

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