Friday, September 19

Training Camp Worries

So while the Sabres were at the Pepsi Center or the arena until late afternoon, and then I presume a bunch went out to celebrate Pommer's extention, Kim and I were at my house starting production of our 2008-09 homemade Sabres shirts.  (BTW, if anyone wants one, let me know.  I actually got complements on the Amerks ones I made last year buy a woman who worked in their merch store.  I'll put pictures up.)

But then I was thinking, honestly, if you go out and get trashed the night before you're supposed to report for your yearly physicals, I don't think that would turn out too well.  I mean, seriously, who likes having a physical done anyways?  Drinking might make you a little bit more loose, but then you run the possibility of throwing up, or getting a migrane, both of which present as symptoms of a concussion.  So boys, let's not end up like Timmy C and end up sitting out the entire season.  And if you do have a concussion, don't be stupid and lie about it like Drew did.  Please?  Because as much as I hate to see my guys sidelined and in the press box, I'd rather have them there than in a pine box, which is where you'd probably end up if you got checked by, oh, let's say Pat Kaleta.

This is what happens to you when you get concussions.
You make stupid decisions in regards to your appearance,
yet you still get an ample amount of ass.  Go figure.

In other news, I think we've got a few too many players...  I'm kind of hoping that youngins like Clarke MacArthur (who I affectionately call Sparky), Pat Kaleta, Mark Mancari, and Andrej Sekera give a good push for the team, but so many roster spots are filled by my loves, it makes it so difficult for me to comprehend that my boys like Nathan Paetsch and Tim Connolly are sort of on the bubble this year.  Well, I suppose we'll see in a couple weeks whether or not my loves will be in Buffalo or Portland.

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