Monday, December 22


SO this is going to be really quick because I'm sitting at Cari's house eating hot pockets and we're going to be picking up our friend Jen and her sister Julie so that we can all go to the game tonight and enjoy some Sabres winning... hopefully. I have prayed to the hockey gods long and hard and if they grant my request Squidney Crotchby will get hurt and will be out the rest of the season and will not be able to break his no goal streak and the Sabres will win by about a bazillion goals so if all goes to plan this should be one hell of a game. Oh yeah and it would be great if Paul played but I know the hope is futile, but hey a girl can dream can't she. 

But ANYWAY, enough of my inane rambling this post is primarily in existence to wish my PIC, or partner in crime a very very happy PAILLE BIRTHDAY. I couldn't embarrass her today like I wanted to because we didn't go to a restaurant where they sing to you obnoxiously about how happy they are that it's your they care.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CARI, may the hockey gods look favorably down upon you and may they grace us with a win tonight in honor of the day you came into existence.

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