Wednesday, December 17


So, let's examine the past couple days...

Work? Sucks.
Sleep? Decent Terrible.
Sociology? Don't even go there.
Car Insurance? I'm broke.
Derek Roy? BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Studying, more? Ew.
Sleep? --or lack thereof.
Runny nose? Disgusting.
Sabres news? Aside from Patty K, nothing exciting.
6 inches of snow? Yuck.
Anatomy lab practical? Ehhh.
Nutrition Exam? Ummm, no.
Nap? Sounds good.
Sabres game? THANK GOD.

It's pretty pathetic that the highlights of my week thus far only have to do with the Sabres.

Or, in the least, Derek Roy.

WHO I SAW LAST NIGHT. Seriously, Dave and Adam are my new best friends for allowing me to see Derek for all of probably 60 seconds last night.

Okay, so what to talk about??? First, his fashion, I think. Yeah, that sounds like a good place to start.

Princess D had a camo hoodie on. WHY??? It was green and navy blue. Which perfectly complemented his navy tee and Yankees hat (AHHHHHH he's a Yankees fan!! Love!!). And he had that stupid furry coat that basically eats him alive. But seriously, though, why must he always wear a hat?? It shields his baby blue eyes from view... And deprives pretty much everyone of enjoying his boyish good looks.

Oh, and Kim had him sign a birthday card for me. He was upset that I knew about it. Kim said, "It's her birthday Monday, and you're her favorite, so could you sign a card for her?" or something like that, and he just looked at me and said, "Well that kinda ruins the surprise, doesn't it? Come on!"

And he is adorable with kids. There was a little boy a few people ahead of us, and his mother/father (didn't catch who brought him) wanted to take a picture, and D was behind the table (actually barricaded in), so the kid stood in front. Derek put his hands on the boy's shoulders and swayed him back and forth... I guess you had to be there, because as I write this, it just gives the impression that D likes to partake in afflicting children with something like Shaken Baby Syndrome... Hmm...

That's enough about Derek right now.

The next signings are Patty L (on the 7th?) and Patty K (on the 12th). (Both in January)

And since I don't really have much time (considering I should leave in 30 minutes and there is snow that needs to be shoveled), or attention span (all I can think about right now is Anatomy and Physiology), I'll be back later tonight for the game, probably a live-blog, since I haven't constructively discussed hockey in a very long time. And I apologize for that.

So, someone, please have a real snowball fight for me today. And I'm not talking Facebook snowballs, either.


Shelby Rose said...

But seriously, though, why must he always wear a hat??
I think he has Thomas Vanek syndrome. *shakes head* OFF WITH THE HAT, DEREK.

I can picture him swaying that little kid back and forth too, how cute!

Cari said...

I can picture him swaying that little kid back and forth too, how cute!

It was so cute... I was almost tempted to tell him that I wanted to have his baby after I saw the adorable smile on his face when he was doing that.