Saturday, December 13


So for the second time in a row, Cari and I watched a game together and the Sabres won, the first record to be mentioned. Previously, if my memory serves me correctly, we watched many games together on Cari's couch and the Sabres won exactly none of them. Now I believe the Sabres winning probably has something to do with the fact that Cari, the first night, made cookies with all the players nicknames on them for us to enjoy during the game. Tonight we made cookies when I got to her house that had their first names on them. SO I believe that the Sabres winning has something to do with the fact that both Cari and I were extremely sugar high during the games so there is extra shouting and jumping around especially tonight. Even though they're in New Jersey, and while Cari and I have extremely large mouths, there is no way in hell they could hear us, although, we like to believe that they can.

Now you have to understand that earlier today Cari and I went to the Cheesecake Factory where we ate lunch and then brought home two pieces of cheesecake to eat, which we consumed during the game along with the cookies, therefore adding to the sugar high that ensued which we used to annoy Cari's brother who happened to be home for the game. Wow that was a long run on sentence, which I know Cari despises but at this moment I really don't care, but I'm too lazy to fix it so whatever. 

So the Sabres won and by doing so reached a very big milestone, scoring their 10,000th goal in franchise history. I believe it to be very appropriate that the player who is considered, by me at least, to be the face of the franchise was the one to score. T-Van I love you with all of my heart and you deserve cookies so come on over and eat some of the ones that we have left because believe Cari and I don't need anymore, just don't tell Paul I said that I don't want him to be jealous and think that I don't love him anymore. Because, while I love you and every other player on the team, I love Paul more.

While Cari and I were frosting even more cookies for the rest of her family to enjoy we started singing Love Lockdown by Kanye West and getting to the part of the song that says 'system overload', we readily replaced that with 'sugar overload singing oh oh oh oh oh' in a pained voice. I believe it to be very appropriate for the state that we are in right now which includes me writing this while Cari is washing dishes which I should be helping her with but am not so now I feel bad and waiting to play Guitar Hero as soon as her brother gets off the phone with his girlfriend. So faithful readers I leave you with the thoughts of someone who has consumed way to much sugar and is waiting for her heart to stop beating as all the sugar finally overrides her system.

Love Life, Play (Watch) Hockey, Eat Sugar  

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