Saturday, October 11

Buying into the System

I'll admit that while I was bubbling over with joy and excitement and anticipation in the moments leading up to 7:30 last night, I was extremely skeptical as well.

Montreal, as a team, scares me.  We never seem to beat them when we need to, and there was always the chance of the inevitable overtime and shootout, in which, last season, we never seemed to come out on top.  But hey!!  I can be wrong sometimes.  And I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to the Sabres.  And I could not be happier that I was wrong yesterday.

That being said, this post is by no means whatsoever a serious post about last night's game.  If you want that, read this.  This is just my normal ramblings about Sabres life in general, everything I'm used to.  Let us begin:

Player Tunes  :  Jason Pominville

Jason, like Anne said, I'm a bit disappointed that Les Cowboys Fringants didn't make the cut this time around.  And you do seem to have a love affair with Kanye West this fall, but there's nothing wrong with that.  I do, however, have a problem with your lack of Jonas Brothers, because like I said before, I can see you driving around in your Expedition, rocking the aviators, breaking it down to "Burnin' Up," and crooning your passengers when "Love Bug" plays.  Sad.  Overall, good playlist, though.

Dear Tim Connolly,

A hairline fracture?  Really?  I should've known something would keep you out of the game.  I should have known.  At first, I thought that maybe I jinxed you when I got home and put your jersey on.  But then I realized that putting faith in you, and hoping against hope that you'd have a decent, injury-free year is a lot to ask.  And Tim, as much as I've loved you since the day your curly-haired, polo-shirt-wearing, nervous self had your introductory Sabres press conference with Taylor Pyatt way back in the day, AND THAT'S A LOT, trust me, I just can't bring myself to get past the idea that you truly are injured.  Now, I'm not saying that you're faking, I just find it a little hard to believe that after a week, you're not absolutely 100% like you said, but instead, you're on the shelf, for possibly a week.  What gives, Tim?  What gives?  Please explain this to me, because I'll be the first to jump back on the Tim Connolly bandwagon.  In fact, I'm only one foot off right now, because when I fall for a player, I fall hard.  Take that from Brian Holzinger, Jay McKee, Marty Biron, and Brian Campbell, all of whom I still love and hold dear in my heart.  So you'll always be there with them.  It's just a question of how I remember you.  So, please, Tim, I'm begging you:  Prove me wrong.  Love, Cari.

Home is Where Al's Heart Is

Now, I'm not saying that Al doesn't love being in Buffalo, because he does.  But honestly, how can you not go "awwww" when a grown man, let alone one of Ales Kotalik's size, stature, and talent, says he gets homesick?  That's just adorable.  On the Sabres Show yesterday, Maria Genero did a spot with Al, interviewing him over a game of pool at the Pearl Street Grille and Brewery.  He admitted that he fits the European stereotype of liking fashion, and it was made known that he has his own line of hats and headwear.  I want to see these hats.  He also revealed that his mother is a school teacher, his father is a dentist, and his older brother Adam is a TV analyst (I believe that's what they said).  And while he loves the steakhouses here, but hates eggs.  He never eats them in any way, shape, or form.  His favorite movie is "Pulp Fiction," and the person he most wants to meet is Quentin Tarantino.  Oh, and Derek was wrong; Al does have a special lady friend.  "But she's not a Buffalo girl; she's Czech."  They've been dating for three years.  Cute.

Teppo's Heart Surgery

I still can honestly say that I think Teppo Numminen is the most adorable and the most awe-worthy guy on the roster whenever I hear him say that he thinks it's funny that he's 40 and teams are still calling him.  And he always says it with that adorable, sheepish smile he always has on his face.  And what makes me like him and Craig even more is what Craig said about him:  "Teppo's my biggest surprise, coming out of camp."  Okay, Craig, I love you too.

Okay, I lied.  One thing I have to say about the game last night was in response to Derek's hooking penalty.  Now, Kim and I--I don't know where we got this, but it's now our saying--whenever a player we really like gets a hooking penalty, say this, so I have to share it with you.  Derek Roy is a hooker, right?  Well, he can stand on my corner anytime he wants.  =]

And I was in heaven this morning because there were four, COUNT 'EM:  4, articles about the Sabres in the Buffalo News this morning.  I love hockey season!  And Bucky Gleason's article was happy, and cheerful, and positive!  What is this world coming to?

More tomorrow.


Shelby Rose said...

I am so happy to see that the Sabres are bringing back the 'Player Tunbes' for this season. I was jipped out of a Thomas Vanek selection last year so I'm hoping that he'll put one out for the team this season. I will be disappointed if there is no Britney Spears on the playlist.

I didn't realize that Timmy was even scratched last night until my stepfather picked me up from Homecoming and said that he hadn't been playing last night. I had tons of hope he would play at least the opener, but now I can't even wish for that. He's just broken all over the place.

I liked Ales' interview that he had with Maria Genero. I laughed when I heard his brother's name was Adam, I mean...there's Ales Kotalik and then Adam Kotalik? That isn't Czech in any sort of way! Haha.

Can I also please pinch Teppo's cheeks? He is soooo adorable. I'm so glad to see him on the ice again because he looks so incredibly happy to still be able to play after was happened last season.

Jill said...

Bucky musta got a some action last night... I just vomited in my mouth.

dani said...

Derek Roy is a hooker, right? Well, he can stand on my corner anytime he wants. =]

oh abudhuhaudfzjksdfhvukzsfv thats cute.