Friday, October 24

Friday Ramblings, and 33 (Actually 4) More Things

Please allow me to contain my ecstatic cries (and by that, I mean not at all), because THOMAS VANEK PICKED GINGER, TOO!!!  Danny, I'm disappointed in you...  But you do redeem yourself by saying you like chocolate.  AND OH MY GOODNESS!!  NEXT WEEK WE'RE TAKING A PEEK INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A DAY?  Am I finally going to meet Mr. Snuffles????   Oh, Danny, I'm so excited!!

So by now I'm sure you probably have heard about the press conference being held at HSBC Arena Monday at 2 pm in regards to the 2011 WORLD JUNIORS!!!!


(1) Because I adore hockey.
(2) Because I adore foreigners.
(3) Because by 2011, I'll be 21, and then I can watch all those youngins play hockey, realize that I'm a pedophile for thinking they're gorgeous, and then drink away those thoughts with a nice, cold Blue Light, and then start all over again.


Oh, and when you're lacking Sabres news, and you want something interesting to hear about/listen to, I dare say you should check out the podcasts on the Sabres' site.  Yes, they're old (from two seasons ago), but they're entertaining as hell.  You've got Derek talking about his house, Drew talking about limo rides and spaghetti parm, and Marty talking about his little boy.

But more about me, since I cannot find anything else to write about, at least anything I find amusing.

(34)  I'd be the first person in line to buy tickets to the *N Sync reunion tour.  In fact, I'd probably camp out for them. 

(35)  I have this theory about the number of kids I'd like to have.  Ideally, in a perfect world (where I'd marry a Sabre and have a ridiculous amount of money), I'd want to have two boys and two girls.  I really wouldn't want four boys (too much testosterone) and I wouldn't want four girls (too much estrogen).  So I came up with this idea that I'd have three and evaluate my situation.  If I have three boys or three girls, that's it, I'm done.  But two boys and a girl, or two girls and a boy?  Go for the fourth.  BUT, since that will probably never happen, I'll probably stick with two.

(36)  I cannot remember lock combinations for the life of me.  However, to this day, I can remember the combo to the pink Master lock that I bought in third grade for my gym locker:  36-18-4.  And I remembered it by saying Barnaby-Grosek-Wilson.

(37)  When I was in fourth grade, I made in my mission in life to read all the Nancy Drew books.  I got about halfway through before the library ran out them.

And right now I can't think of anything else because Kim and I are about to go through 5 or 6 ridiculously scary haunted houses with a few guys I used to work with.  So yeah.  I just might die, because I get really scared at things like these.  Yikes.

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