Friday, October 3

Fights, waivers and stupid tests...

So because I was doing my duty as a dutiful college student and studying for my test last night, I made a promise to myself that I was not going to listen to the game so that I could concentrate. Needless to say that promise lasted all of 20 minutes and because the draw of the Sabres, damn you Rick Jeanneret why must your voice be like crack, was too great I broke down and listened. But never fear, I was getting updates from Cari the whole time I wasn't listening so that I could be kept up to date on all the goal scoring our boys were doing last night.

How funny was it that Andrew Peters was named alternate captain last night? That's the only time that guy is going to have letters on his jersey that aren't his name. But, nonetheless I have to say that the fight he was involved in was impressive as far as I could tell from the news report last night. HE WAS ACTUALLY HITTING THE OTHER GUY!!! I didn't feel like I was watching a bad rendition of Swan Lake like I used to everytime Petey would spend two minutes dancing around the other guy before pathetically throwing punches and inevitably dragging the other guy to the ice and then being broken up by the officials. We all remember last year's preseason against Columbus with the huge brawl in front of the players' bench and Peters saluting the crowd well if you don't you can watch the video. So here you go Petey, you get cookies today because somehow over the offseason you actually learned how to fight, I'm sure your Bobo the clown punching bag really appreciates all the use he's been getting.

In other news is reporting that the Sabres have sent more players to their AHL affiliate the Portland Pirates. Forwards Mathieu Darche (pending waivers), Mark Mancari (pending waivers), Nathan Gerbe, Tim Kennedy, Dylan Hunter and Marek Zagrapan; and defensemen Chris Butler and Michael Funk were all sent back. As previously reported Cari and I have an unhealthy attachment to Mark Mancari and if he were to be claimed you must be informed that this blog will be shutting down for at least a week while Cari and I mourn the loss of a most beloved hockey player. So faithful readers keep your fingers crossed while Cari and I wait with bated breath for any news regarding our dear Mark.

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