Wednesday, October 8

Portland Pirates Roster

Okay, so I was kinda right and kinda wrong about with my captaincy predictions.  Oh well.  Whatever.  I accept what's been decided now, even though when Kim texted me during my lab, I wanted to scream initially.  Don't get me wrong; I love Craig, but I wanted Jason.

Moving on (since I don't want to write the 10 millionth Sabres Captain Blog).

The Portland Pirates announced their final roster today, which consists of the following:

# :  Player  :  Position

1  :  Jhonas Enroth  :  G
4  :  Chris Butler  :  D
5  :  Paul Baier  :  D
6  :  Mike Weber  :  D
7  :  Dylan Hunter  :  LW
8  :  Marek Zagrapan  :  C
9  :  Mike Card  :  D
10  :  Tim Kennedy  :  LW
11  :  Colin Murphy  :  LW
12  :  Tyler Bouck  :  LW
15  :  Felix Schutz  :  C
17  :  Marc-Andre Gragnani  :  D
19  :  Nathan Gerbe  :  C
21  :  Mathieu Darche  :  LW
24  :  Jimmy Bonneau  :  LW
25  :  Mark Mancari  :  RW
27  :  Colton Fretter  :  C
28  :  Mike Kostka  :  D
37  :  Derek Whitmore  :  LW
53  :  Adam Dennis  :  G
55  :  Mike Funk  :  D

Sounds like they could be pretty promising!!  Their season starts Saturday, so I'm pretty excited for that.  I didn't really pay attention to our guys in the minors until last year when Kim and I fell in love with Mark Mancari during training camp.  After that, we went to like, 5 games in Rochester, paid attention to every game they played, and then went to some thing they did at some go-kart track.  That was actually really, really fun.

I'll post more tomorrow because I hear that the TBN is having their Sabres Write-Up Extravaganza tomorrow.  I'll be up first thing to get the paper as soon as it's dropped in my door.  And be sure to listen to Kiss 98.5 at 8:05 am because that's when Derek will be on.  I heard him do an ad for it today.  Pretty exciting!!  I made Kim stop talking to me when it came on.  But anyways, if you don't listen, never fear, for I will link it up.

OOOOHHHh and I might be getting to Friday's game after all.  =]

Yayyyy hockey's almost here!!

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