Thursday, October 30

Tampa Bay? Seriously? and no this is not Grey's Anatomy

So I originally wasn't going to go to tonight's game because my mom and I share season tickets with my uncle and he had tonight's game. But a guy my mom works with said he couldn't go and asked my mom if she and I wanted to. Of course she said yes and now I'm wishing she'd said no. Because not only was I depressed as hell that the Sabres lost to Ottawa, I'm even more depressed that they lost to TAMPA BAY????? How the hell does this happen? How the hell do we lose to Tampa Bay a team that, for all intents and purposes, was the worst team in the NHL two years ago and last year near the very bottom if I'm not mistaken. Okay now that my rant is out of the way.

Two bright rays of sunshine made the day marginally better, Paul played tonight for the first time since the preseason and Hank played after having his leg slashed by an errant skate last week. So our injured team is slowly making progress back to full health, the only players missing are Rivet, who skated today and said that his leg was feeling good, and Timmy, who knows or cares when he's going to be back. Let's all hope that no one else gets hurt in the interim, especially defensemen, because we really can't afford not to have a completely healthy team.

What I wondered about tonight was why Mike Weber played instead of Nathan Paetsch, considering Paetsch is technically on the team and Weber is a call up. Why pay to have Weber up here when we have a perfectly good defenseman waiting in the wings for a chance to play another game?

In other news the Sabres' coaches and broadcasters all wore ties to support Hockey Fights Cancer tonight. The players wore small stickers on their helmets because as obvious they couldn't wear ties because they were too busy LOSING to TAMPA BAY. Also they sold pink hats signed by the players tonight with proceeds going to benefit the Sabres foundation and Roswell Park. Mine this year was signed by Nathan Paetsch, which was another reason I was disappointed he didn't play.

But what can you do besides look to Saturday's game and hope that Craig starts playing really soon, because without him we seem a little lost LOST, as in lost to OTTAWA and TAMPA BAY, without him.

I'm going to go cry now.

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Cari said...

Mine this year was signed by Nathan Paetsch, which was another reason I was disappointed he didn't play.


I miss seeing #38...