Saturday, October 4

Connolly?? 100%??!! Yeah, right.

I'll be quick about this, because I only have 5 minutes left in my dinner break, but if you book it on over to Sabres Edge and read this fantastic little entry, you'll probably agree with me.

As disappointed as I am to not see Timmmaaay in action personally or on television this preseason, I'm pretty disappointed that he's not going to play until Friday, when I STILL CAN'T GO, because stupid Kim (I love you!!) won't be in Buffalo.  So I have to stay home and watch with my father because no one else that appreciates hockey enough to go with me will be around.

So anyways, I kind of find it hard to believe that TC will be anywheres near 100%, and I don't care what Lindy says about it.

And to answer your question, Mike, yes I do believe Tim makes the Sabres better.  But honestly, the question should be how long will Timmy be able to help the Sabres to be better?

ON ANOTHER NOTE, I was at the Galleria Mall with some friends today, and totally saw the gorgeous Michael Funk go into Metro Park.  At first I didn't recognize him because he was wearing a hat which covered his white spot, but then I saw his pale blue Marty Biron-esque eyes and knew instantly.  My question, though, is why isn't he on his way to Portland??

Game tomorrow!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

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