Friday, October 17


Oh yeah... That's right. I didn't. Kim wouldn't let me set the alarm to wake us up that early yesterday.


Oh, and I have to throw this out there: If any Sabre catches wind of this because of a certain someone's sister who reads the blogs--hi, by the way--I am not really that obsessed with Derek Roy (actually, who the hell do I think I'm kidding?). BUT, you do have to admit, it's pretty bizaar that I've found out we have so much in common.  Me, and my favorite Sabre, with all this in common.  And I owe all this to Kiss 98.5, and their replacing of Daniel Briere with Derek Roy.  Without them, I'd just be blissfully ignorant of our basically kindred spirits.

(1) Our friends.

We don't have the same friends, unfortunately, but we have a group of longtime good friends. He considers Andrew Peters to be his best friend on the team, and he's played with him since juniors. He also is very, very close to Paul Gaustad, Jason Pominville, Ryan Miller, and the rest of the Rochester crew. Me? I met individuals of my group of best friends in kindergarten, first grade, third grade, sixth grade, and high school. But the ones I met in elementary school are all close. The rest came along the way, and while they're not all the best of friends, they're all very, very close to me. Same difference.

(2) Choice of cereal.

Janet questioned Derek as to what his cereal of choice is. His answer? LUCKY CHARMS. Now, mind you, I grew out of Lucky Charms a while ago, when I learned that the oat part of it wasn't quite so "magically delicious." Don't get me wrong, though; the marshmellows are great! But Derek eats them in the same manner that I do! Pour the cereal in the bowl, then whatever marshmellows can be seen on the top layer of cereal in the box gets picked out and tossed either in the bowl or in my mouth. Kind of creepy, actually.

(3) What to do with free time in NYC?

When the guys had a few days off in the City, what did Derek do?  Go shopping in the SoHo district.  Now, first of all, that's my favorite area of New York.  Second, what did he purchase?  "Shirts, sweaters, and a couple pairs of shoes."  Shirts?  Okay.  Sweaters?  Cool, I love sweaters.  Shoes?  I couldn't have too many shoes.  But Derek, why didn't you give me anything you bought for me yet?  And if you didn't want to drop a period's worth of your salary on a purse for me, you could've ventured a few blocks south and hit up Canal Street.  I would gladly take a knock-off.  Even more things now, areas of NYC and shopping habits.

(4) Who does he trust enough to let them drive his car?

He said he'd let Petey drive his car.  Is it coincidence that he's been friends with Andrew since juniors, and he's the first that Derek would agree to?  Hardly.  Likewise, I probably wouldn't let many of my friends from elementary school drive my car, but Kim, who I've known since 6th grade, she can drive my car.  I mean, I'd hope I'd let her drive my car because I wouldn't want to drive all the way to Boston myself...

(5) Halloween costumes.

Mind you I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, but if I did, it'd be something adorably outrageous.  (Like this year, I totally want to dress up as a flapper.  I found the perfect fake flower, bright purple headband at Forever 21 yesterday that's my complete inspiration.)  And no one used to know what I'd be until I showed up at the party, or whatever, because I like to surprise people.  And do you think Derek will show up in something disappointing, or let people in on the secret?  Absolutely not.

I think that's enough progress for this week.  It's a tad bit overwhelming.

GAME TONIGHT!!!!  No liveblogging this time, either, as Kim and I will be at the game.  And the only thing I really have to say about the game is that Tim Connolly still won't be playing.  Big surprise there.  The nebulous one-week period Lindy gave us is up, and Timmy still hasn't hit the ice.  I've lost pretty much all of my faith in TC, and that really upsets me.  Whatever.  I have Derek and the rest of the boys still.

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Shelby Rose said...

Andrew Peters is totally ruining my hopes of Derek and Thomas being BFFs. PETEY - STOP IT.

Ah my God, and I haven't had Lucky Charms in ages! I should have my parents buy me a box so that I ca just pick out the marshmallows.