Sunday, October 5

Let My Sabres Parties Commence!!

I'm so excited because the game tonight/this afternoon is on TV!!!  That means Kim and I can begin our little Sabres Soirees!  I love them so much.  Usually, we'll hit up Wegmans, get some Dr. Pepper and Sunkist, and either cheese, cheese spread, pepperoni, and crackers for delicious cheese-cracker-sandwiches, or chips and Bison French Onion dip.  Yummm!!  But since the game's at 5, we're going shopping first, and I'm not sure what the snacks will entail.  Maybe some subs or pizza?  idk.

But since everyone is talking about the captaincy, let me touch base on that too.

I'll start by saying that I really dislike the rotating thing.  I realize that Lindy uses it as a reward for playing well, or good consistent effort, or good leadership, or whatever, but just effing pick a guy and stick with it already!!  No one else in the league does a rotating captaincy.

I do, however, like the idea of a co-captaincy.  It seemed to work really well with The Unmentionables, so I'd give it a go.

As far as candidates are concerned, my thoughts are as follows:

Paul Gaustad:  I definitely believe that one day he will be Captain material, but right now, I think that he needs to just put himself out there more, and he'll be it.  It's obvious that he's a presence on the ice, and the guys certainly look to him for leadership, as he has had great experiences in the AHL, and was with the Sabes for both deep pushes.  But definitely A material.

Jochen Hecht:  Definitely Captain material.  He seemed to thrive when he had the C last October, and the team did vote him in, so there had to be a reason for that.  The guys obviously look up to him, and although he seems quiet, I'm writing that off due to his German accent.  Germans are intimidating, and I love them for that.  So go, YoYo, go.

Toni Lydman:  Again, experience is on his side, but complete presence is not, so I'm alright with an A.

Adam Mair:  Mair's a tough one, because even though he is one of the oldest guys on the team, he doesn't have quite the offensive prominance or even presence that I would want in a captain.  Yeah, he kicks ass and gives 122% every night, but I wouldn't push him to C level yet; give him an A.

Ryan Miller:  Yes, he said he doesn't want it, but if he did, he's the obvious face of the team, so yeah, I wouldn't mind Miller having The C.

Teppo Numminen:  Experience is most definitely on Teppo's side, and the guys love and respect him, so he's a worthy candidate.

Jason Pominville:  Because Jason is always there to talk to the media, and because he never, ever makes excuses for the team and calls them out in the press, AND includes himself in there, putting his 27 goals and 80 points solidify his chance at The C.

Derek Roy:  Derek's the defending Sabres Point Champ, so couple that with his progressing potential and his PR capabilities that aren't quite up to Pommer's standards but are damn good enough, he's got a shot at being Captain as well.  Plus, I love him, so even more reason I want him to have it.

Craig Rivet:  A noteworthy candidate due to past experience in the league, including donning an A in Montreal.  I also have to give him props for the fights he's been in and the way he sticks up for his teammates that he's known for only a couple of weeks (I call it the Steve Bernier syndrome...  Oh, Steve =[ ).  At least an A here.

Jaroslav Spacek:  See, Toni Lydman.

Henrik Tallinder:  Again, see, Toni Lydman.  Also, his shootout goal ranks as one of my favorites, so definite points there.

Thomas Vanek:  I cannot recall if Tommy had an A at all last year, but I'd be willing to give it to him.  Yeah, I know he's the money man, and he had a rough time in the first half last year, but look at how the man bounced back!  I don't think he has enough leadership qualities to give him The C, but it could be good for him.  If the rotation comes back, I'm all for TV getting a chance.

But what would I do, and who would I pick, if I were Lindy Ruff??  Well, I think I'd probably go with a co-captaincy, and rotate it between the two, probably weekly, or every 5 games, or something like that.  As far as naming them, I'd definitely have to go with Pominville, and I think his partner would be Hecht.  I wouldn't have them wear A's when not the captain, so as to get more guys involved.  I'd give the two A's to Roy and Rivet.  Provided anyone miss a game, or get hurt, Numminen would be the replacement; oh, and in the event that Pommer or Jochen were out for some reason when wearing The C, the other would put in on.

Yeah, I think that's about how I would do it...

But anyways, I feel it necessary to point out the the picture of Tim Connolly in the TBN today is most definitely Adam Mair.

And I wonder if Detroit will put Ty Conklin in net?  If they do, they just might win, since Conkin (Yes, I know it's spelled wrong.  Intentional.  Inside joke.) seems to have our number since we let him go.

Go Sabres!!


Shelby Rose said...

I think Ty Conklin is going to end up in net, too. Good thing it's only the preseason, but maybe he'll be poop against us this year (we can only hope!)

I would love to see Vanners with a letter maybe this year, but it's highly doubtful. Then again, the Sabres could be like the Penguins last year and put 'A's on 838348282 of their players. Then it could work out nicely.

Cari said...

Then again, the Sabres could be like the Penguins last year and put 'A's on 838348282 of their players. Then it could work out nicely.

True dat. I was honestly thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to stick with a single captain for the whole year, and then rotate the A, but I think that would be kind of lame too because the guys with the A's don't really do much of anything. Kinda like Luongo with his non-existent C.

Jill said...

Millsie so couldn't wear the C anyways even if he wanted to... he would crack under the pressure... he would throw water bottles every night in the locker room and want to beat down his team mates... LOL! Poor guy... give him a sandwich! Smooches Millsie! You are my favorite!

Anyway... I am voting for Pommers for the C... I HATE HATE HATE the rotation... here is my feelings on that... (in case you wanted to know)... too many chiefs not enough Indians. I feel that they need either one or two solid leaders then a few others can slide their way into the A spot... most guys look forward to earning that C... its prestigious. By rotating it you take that away. It makes it less meaningful. It's like hey well you lead for now then we will let so and so take over when you suck ass.